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 Stone messages

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PostSubject: Stone messages   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:56 am

Wendy started pulling her hair and kicking at the stone walls she held her ankle as she fell down her eyes looked wild as if she was some kind of animal blood was stained in her dress from laying on the ground someone must of died in one of the rooms she was in because the blood was not her own she starred at the four walls just knowing Jim had to be gone she heard no news so she did not accept it with out proof of his death trying to stay strong with what little sanity she had left she drew on the wall with a broken piece of stone that was across the floor she started to write notes to her family " Mother I am sorry for not respecting you but I did fall in love and I was happy I held a grudge for so long towards you and I am sorry for running away from home without telling you where I was. You were not a bad mother but a protective one which is not always a bad thing I love you mother and father you too" Wendy stopped and gripped the stone tighter " love my true one and only no matter where we are you will always stay in my heart. I belong to you my dear maybe running away was not the smartest option *she laughed a bit but it hurt her side and continued writing* My love for you is eternal like the sun and moon even though they are different in many ways. One could not function without the other one and that is what you are to me and if any one else reads this, Stay strong if you love someone i mean truly do not let them go for life is meaningless without them keep them in your heart and never forget"

Wendy set the stone down crying in her dress for a split second she wanted to take the stone and slit her wrists but Jim would wan't her to push on to survive and that is what she would do even though death was a peaceful thought

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Stone messages
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