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 Wendy's Story Part 3

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PostSubject: Wendy's Story Part 3   Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:33 pm

Continuation from Wendy's Story Part 2

Wendy woke up from her nice comfortable bed breathing in the scent of the Inn through her nice fluffy pillow

" This is the life"

She exclaimed as she grabbed her silver brush that her mother had given her and brushed her curly brown and red tinted hair. Wendy looked down at the brush and held the handle missing her mother for a moment feeling grief and guilt she sat the brush down and leaned over the dresser placing her head in her hands. Mrs. Hawkins came strolling in smiling then seeing Wendy with her head in her hands she walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder

"Dear....what is the matter??"

Well...I...I.....I just feel guilty ma'am

Mrs. Hawkins smiled and picked up the brush as she brushed Wendy's hair helping her put it in a pony tail

"I know you did the right thing love"

Wendy sighed and then Jim knocked on the door

"Hope I am not intruding??"

Wendy smiled and looked down shyly as Jim entered

"Oh hello sweety" Mrs Hawkins yelled

"Ill leave you to alone I have lots of cleaning to do remember Wendy you have a home here alright?"

Wendy nodded and stood up grabbing Jim's arm

Mrs. Hawkins left the room and Jim gave Wendy a kiss on the lips holding her close to him

"Lets say you and me take a long walk after our chores this morning"

Wendy blushed

"I would love that Jim"

They walked down the stairs into the kitchen after putting a few dishes up and cleaning the Inn the best they could Jim grabbed Wendy leaning in for a passionate kiss when all of a sudden

"Mother!!! Brother I am home!!!"

Wendy walked away and Jim looked up with a face of shock


Flynn smiled and stared at Wendy as he walked over to him

"That is right Bro I decided to stop by an visit"

Jim looked angry

"But you never visit...."

Flynn walked right past him to say hi to his mother as Jim tightened his grip around Wendy as he whispered in her ear

"That is my brother......stay away from him"

Wendy nodded and ignored Flynn as he walked right past them giving Wendy a wink

Jim snarled his lip and ignored his brother.

Throughout the day Wendy could notice the two brothers at each others throats and poor Mrs. Hawkins playing referee.

Flynn made Wendy feel so uncomfortable but Jim was right beside her pulling at her waist like some kind of guard.

Wendy had enough of both of them she marched up to her room and slammed her door.

"God!!! stop fighting your both brothers!! ugh!!!!"

Wendy turned around and saw Flynn right beside her startled she ran to her door but he ran and put his hand against it not letting her out

"Let me out!!"

He smiled a crooked smile


"Jim!!! Jim!!!"

Flynn rolled his eyes

"What does a pretty lady like you see in my idiot brother"

Wendy stuck her nose up in air and continued for door

"A lot!! now I do not even know you let me out!!"

Jim was cleaning dishes when he heard Wendy he dropped one and ran upstairs seeing her door shut and the door knob moving violently

"Flynn!!! Let me in now dammit!!!"

Flynn laughed from behind door and opened it letting Wendy rush out an grab Jim hugging him tightly

"Oh Jim!!"

Jim looked angry at Flynn pointing a finger at him

"Stay away from my girl you hear me!!!"

He chuckled and exited the room

"Oh but Jim because she is your girl is why this is more fun"

Flynn was gone and Jim helped Wendy in to her bed kissing her lips tenderly before shutting her door and turning off the light


The next day was even more awful Wendy woke up to yelling and screaming downstairs

"MOM!! He was in Wendy's room last night!!!"

Mrs. Hawkins yelled back

"You must of been dreaming Jim!! Flynn would never!!"

Flynn was pressed with his back against the wall smiling

Wendy listened closely to top of stairs

"I wen't to check on Wendy and he was there!! hovering over her bed starring at her!!! Mom I wan't him gone!! He is no brother of mine!!"

Mrs. Hawkins turned red

"Jim!!!! You say sorry to your brother now!!!"

Jim saw Wendy and ran upstairs grabbing her hand leading her down the stairs he held her to him then kissed her hard

"You see this!!! this girl is mine!! Not yours and she never will be!!!"

Flynn smirked and simply walked out of the room

"Wendy hun think about having a man and not a boy!!"

Jim snarled and pushed his brothers back

"Leave!!! Leave now!!! You are not wanted here!!"

Mrs. Hawkins pleaded with Flynn seeing him get angry

"Ok fine I know where I am not needed!! But Wendy I will see you again come to me when Jim is not around I will treat you so much better!!!!"

He slammed the door behind him as Jim held on to Wendy and kissed her one last time

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PostSubject: Re: Wendy's Story Part 3   Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:34 pm

Gah, so much family drama @_@

Hun, you called Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Darling at least twice in this...
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PostSubject: Re: Wendy's Story Part 3   Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:18 pm

oops my bad ill fix it lol
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PostSubject: Re: Wendy's Story Part 3   

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Wendy's Story Part 3
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