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 Secrets are meant to be broken

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PostSubject: Secrets are meant to be broken   Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:59 pm

Cinderella glanced around the room as she talked to Dimitri, before her eyes notice something by the door. She got up and went over to it quickly, before sitting down at the wall again.

She must have missed it when she saw Odette when she was brought into the room. She opened it with her good hand.

She flipped through it, reading everyone's "sin" and taking in their pictures. She scoffed at the "ignorance" and "stupidity" sins.

When she arrived to her page she let out a sad chuckle. "You're right about me being stupid, John..." She said, before throwing the folder onto the couch.

She looked over to her roommate, before getting up and ripping off another piece of her dress, before wetting it. She walked back over to her sleeping roommate and placed the damp cloth on her forehead.

"I hope you're having pleasant dreams..." She whispered, before sitting down against the wall again with a sigh.
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Secrets are meant to be broken
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