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 And then there were none, Kida's Sin

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PostSubject: And then there were none, Kida's Sin   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:03 am

Original Author: Kida

First there was Milo.
He slept with Kida
And said "Let's just be friends"

Then there was Sadie
She fucked Kida hard
And left before sunrise

Later came John
He took her to the lake
And left her stained and broken

After John came Hugh
He took her to the woods
And left her forgotten

Soon came Jane
She loved Kida too much
And didn't give up until she was dead

Then came Sam
He had sex with her
And left unsatisfied

Later came Dave
He took her to the beach
And left her in the waves

Kida lusted after every one
All of them leaving her more empty than the last
And then there were none.

(OOC: GAHH, I hate it! It sounds weird and doesn't flow well. Also, none of the people I mentioned except Milo have an animated counterpart.)
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And then there were none, Kida's Sin
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