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 It broke....

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PostSubject: It broke....   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:11 am

Original Author: Chel

She couldn't feel anything as she stared watching the tv, watching Sinbad touch the woman in his arms, watching him hold and care for her....

"Meg..." he moaned as he kissed her, the name falling from his lips with so much care and love....

She heard something break. Heard the noise distinctly snapping in the background as she sat transfixed at the television unable to look away, unable to do anything but stare as she watched him love, truly in every sense of the words 'make love' to this woman Megara.

And that was when she felt it. The final snap as the tv went dark and she felt one warm tear drip down her cheek. She let it fall, a cry working it's way up her throat but she covered her mouth, stifling it, forcing it back down into her chest - not willing to vocalize how broken she actually was. Why should she feel this way? He was only someone she slept with, like Tulio. He was only someone she had started to care about, started to trust....

...started to love.

And she did nothing but sit there, the images replaying over in her mind. The villain had asked her if she had gone soft. Yes, it was true. She wasn't hard anymore, she couldn't just toss away her emotions like she used to to get the job done or make a swift kill. She had a heart. Sinbad had rediscovered it, heard it beating very quietly in her chest.

And now he had just ripped out.
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It broke....
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