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 Strange Dream

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PostSubject: Strange Dream   Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:48 am

LOL ok this is not super 10 doors related but I had to tell you guys about my weird dream !!

I was at this huge house I think 10 doors was playing on t.v. as a series :-) and it must of been around Christmas time and the Villain walked in and was all " Where is my fruitcake!!" I turn around and walk to table and ate a chocolate ball of something oh my God so good :-P then I look out my window and some kind of war was going on that only I can stop but not a normal war.....wait for it........ A transformer war yeah thats right optimus prime was running around back yard so I ran over with Sam from movie he picked us up and some how there was a huge city even though everything else looked like the country so we were really high up which surprises me I did not yell ahhhhh let me down I am afraid of heights!! Instead and put my arms straight up and wen't all woo!!! and then there was some randomness throughout my dream lol but what is even weirder is no I did not watch transformers at all! :-D

Then in a separate part of my dream I had one where one of my old friends knocked on my door was all John needs you ( Old Crush) I was like uhhh ok So I go with my friend Sean and we end up in a weird parking lot John is in his green truck and he is like we are all going to see a movie first so we do I think it was Lion King :-D After movie he is all we have a huge house a 3 bed room 3 bath with tons of rooms but I get there and It is one room with a grey mat on floor and a t.v in front of that so I stand on it and put this thing on my head and then all of a sudden I am transferred to this huge place I guess through my mind and Kida yes Kida lol is taking a shower in other bathroom I knocked was all hello and she is like I am taking a shower!!! :-P random I know anyways the house was amazing wooden stair case everything the walls were a very very pale off white with a yellow tint just omg amazing house but it was not real you see :-P so what I wanted to do is go kiss my crush cause well it would not be real right :-) But dang it I did not get to
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Strange Dream
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