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 Childhoods are Sweet...

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PostSubject: Childhoods are Sweet...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:32 pm

To say her life was happy as a child, was an understatement.

Cinderella grew up with a loving family. A beautiful mother, a wonderful grandfather, and a father who was never too busy to play with his little girl...

A little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes was laying in the grass behind her house, staring at the blue sky and white clouds that floated by. She was waiting for her father to come play with her, she knew when it was time for him to work and when it was time for him to play.


She sat up quickly and turned around. A big smile appeared on her pretty face. “Daddy!” She said, getting up and running to her father's awaiting arms. “You're done early!”

He laughed as he picked her up and spun her around. “I was getting impatient to play with my favorite princess!”

Once he stopped spinning, she gave him a hug around the neck. “I love you, Daddy!”

He hugged her back. “I love you too, Cindy.” He said, giving her a kiss on the head. “Come on, I have a surprise for you.” He said, walking to the front yard

She grinned. “Really?” She said, before pausing. “Mother is right, you do spoil me.” She stated, tilting her head, causing her father to laugh.

“Well, you acted so well at your first party last night, I thought I would reward you.” Her father said. “And your mother agreed with me, so I'm not in trouble this time.” He said, with a wink.

Cinderella grinned.“Yay for you not being in trouble!” She cheered, hugging her father again, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

He laughed again. “All right, all right. Close your eyes.”

She immediately put her head in his shoulder, to make sure she wouldn't accidentally peek; she hated spoiling it for herself.

She could feel her father laugh at her actions. She heard the backyard gate creek open, before closing with another creek. Her father walked a little while longer, before stopping.

“You can look now, Cindy.” He whispered in her ear.

Her head popped up and her face lit up with a smile. “You got me a horse!” She cheered, as her father carried her over to the young gray stallion, whose reigns were being held by one of the staff workers.

“His name is “Duke”, Ma'am.” The employee said, tipping his hat to the little girl.

“He's gorgeous.” She said, petting him.

“You want to ride him a little?” Her father asked. When she nodded, he placed her on the saddle. He turned to his employee. “I'll take it from here, Stephen.”

“Very good, sir.” Stephen said, giving him the reigns.

Cinderella rode Duke around the front yard and backyard, with her father holding on to the horse, making sure Cinderella didn't fall off.

“When do I get to ride Duke on my own?” Cinderella asked, her father.

“When you're a bit older and have more experience in riding.” Her father stated.

Cinderella pouted a little. “Okay.” She said, with an over-dramatic sigh, before laughing as she gave Duke a hug around the neck. “I love him, Daddy, thank you.”

Her father smiled. “You're welcome, princess.”

“John! Cinderella! It's time for dinner!” They looked up to see Cinderella's mother standing on the porch, waiting for them with a smile.

“Awwe! Can I ride Duke a little longer?” Cinderella begged her father.

“Come on, Cindy, listen to your mother.” Her father said, taking her off of Duke. “Besides, Duke needs to eat too.” He said, as he gestured to Stephen, who had been standing by the whole time, to take Duke to the stables.

Cinderella pouted, but agreed to go with her father back into the house to eat. She waved at Duke. “Goodnight, Duke! Sleep well!” She called, getting a neigh in response.

Cinderella smiled as she went into the house. She gave her mother a hug and thanked her for letting her father give her Duke.

Her mother laughed. “Of course, honey.” Her mother said, hugging her back. “Now, let's wash up and eat.” Her mother said, before leading her to the washroom.


Months later, it was Cinderella's ninth birthday party. All her friends were there, even some children she didn't know were there, she didn't mind though, she was a fan of meeting new people.

She was sitting in a chair, in the center of the large room, with her parents standing right behind her. Everyone was in a line, handing her presents and giving her birthday greetings. She thanked them all and opened her presents one by one, thanking them again after she opened them.

A young man and his little brother walked up, carrying a flat box. “Happy birthday, Cinderella!” They both said, the older one in a kind voice, the younger one in a nervous voice. Before giving her the gift, the older of the two boys introduced himself, before nudging his younger brother to do the same.

“I'm Sinbad...” He mumbled.

She smiled. “Nice to meet you, Sinbad! Thank you for coming to my party.”

Sinbad blushed, before handing her the package. “Happy birthday.” He said, again, making her giggle. She thanked them both, before opening the present. She gasped. In the box was a canvas, paints, and paint brushes.

Cinderella gave them both a big smile. “Thank you so much! I love painting!” She said, hugging the box.

Sinbad and his older brother moved on before another person came up and gave her a gift.

“Thank you! And thank you for coming to my party!” She said, before opening the gift.

Awhile later, the line finally came to an end, with her father coming up to her with his hands behind his back. He knelled in front of her, before pulling out a brown puppy with a blue blow. “Happy birthday, princess.”

Cinderella gasped and smiled. “Thank you so much, Daddy!” She said, hugging the puppy.

“You're welcome, sweetheart.” He said, giving her a kiss on the head. “It's a boy, so you'll have to figure out a name for him.”

“...Can I call him Bruno?” She asked, before the puppy licked her, causing her to giggle.

“Why Bruno?”

“He looks like a Bruno.” She stated.

Her mother laughed from behind her. “That's a perfect name for him, sweetheart.” She said, petting Bruno on the head.

Cinderella smiled as she got out of the chair and her friends gathered around her, all wanting to play with Bruno.

“Where's your father, May?” John whispered to his wife as the children played.

“Not sure, he said he wanted to surprise Cindy.” She whispered back, a little worried about what kind of “surprise” her father had in store for his granddaughter.

The large doors burst open, revealing a pink child car, being pushed into the room by a jolly old man. The old man laughed. “Happy birthday, my little Cinderella!”

All the children cheered at the site of the car. Cinderella ran to her grandfather. “Grandpa! You made it!” She said, hugging him.

He hugged her back, picking her up. “Of course I came! I would never miss a party for the princess!”

She gave him a kiss on the cheek he placed her in the car. “Who wants to ride with me first!”

“Cinderella! Not in the house.” Her mother said, coming up to her.

“Oops, sorry, Mother.” Cinderella said, getting out of the car.

“Oh, May, what's the harm?” Her grandfather said, not liking his fun being spoiled.

May rolled her eyes. “Father, you know better. She could get hurt or break something; There's too many people in the house for her to ride that in here.”

“All right, all right.” He said, grumbling. He turned back to Cinderella. “How about after the cake, you and your friends play with it outside then?”

She smiled and nodded at the idea. “Okay! I love you, grandpa!” She said, hugging him, before running back to her friends.

“I love you too!” He said, waving as she ran back to her friends. He smiled softly. “They grow up so fast.”

May smiled and gave her father a hug. “She's not grown up yet.” She reminded him, as they watched the children play.


Cinderella woke up with a start. Lightning flashed across the window and thunder shook the house. Over the thunder, she could hear shouting. She ran over to her window and looked out. She gasped at the sight.

The stable was on fire! Employees were running every which way to get the animals out. The flames were so high, it looked like the rain wasn't even touching it.

Cinderella ran out of her room and down the stairs. She was fixing to run out there, when someone pulled her back.

“Cinderella! No! It's too dangerous!” Her mother cried, holding her back.

“But they need help! Duke's out there!” Cinderella cried, not wanting to lose her horse.

“Your father and the staff are taking care of it! Just stay here with me... please?” Her mother said, holding her to her chest.

Cinderella stopped struggling at the sound of her mother's voice.

“...Daddy's out there?”

“Don't worry, sweetheart, he'll be fine.” Her mother said, hugging her. They both moved towards the window and watched as the men try and save the stable.

It wasn't until weeks later that they realized what they truly lost from that fire...


{OOC: Glad I had written this on a document and saved it XD I had a sneaky feeling that something might happen to it if I didn't save it...}

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PostSubject: Re: Childhoods are Sweet...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:49 pm

AWWW Sad so sad it made me cry! But really well written
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PostSubject: Re: Childhoods are Sweet...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:59 pm

Awwe, I didn't mean to make you cry *hugs* But, thank you so much, I'm glad you like it and think it's really well written! Very Happy There's still a couple of mistakes here and there in it though.
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PostSubject: Re: Childhoods are Sweet...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:55 pm

aww it was all so sweet, yet so sad as well. I love Cinderella's character
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PostSubject: Re: Childhoods are Sweet...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:02 pm

Aww, thank you so much! Very Happy *hugs* I'm glad you like her Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Childhoods are Sweet...   

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Childhoods are Sweet...
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