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 Am I not allowed to love?

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PostSubject: Am I not allowed to love?   Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:18 am

Pocahontas's thoughts were all around, how she felt for Eric and now she had fallen for Thrax/Sweet. Feeling the pain of how he told her he loved her, only to find out he loved another. She had always had trouble with love, why would it change now?

Thinking about what had happened to her in the past, saddened her.. It was time to let all her memories to come back..

She only knew three guys, two of them were the ones she loved and one was her rapist. She had always thought love was magical and it would end great but, she was starting to learn that it wasn't like that..How could she be stuck in another triangle, did God hate her? Was this her greatest punishment? She didn't hate the girl who goes by the name of Jasmine, she hated how Thrax/sweet said he loved her when he loved another girl. Pocahontas remembered those words...

"I had always loved you, Poca.."

Was it all a lie? Did he really love her? Was it a trick? She thought more and more about those words, how could he love her when he loved another woman...

Was she a toy?
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PostSubject: Re: Am I not allowed to love?   Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:04 am

ooc: awwww Poca
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Am I not allowed to love?
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