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 Coins?? and haunted by nightmares....

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PostSubject: Coins?? and haunted by nightmares....   Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:42 am

Wendy woke up one seeing a white envelope on the floor she walked over trying not to wake Thumbelina and picked it up ripping the paper off the top with her teeth she found coins?? Also seeing some things she could buy. " A bed!! Towels??" Don't we have towe....."

Wendy turned her head seeing an empty room everything empty the sink gone, towels, gone!! She glanced down seeing how many coins she had...."hmmm 25??"

She looked up at the T.V.
" I would like a towel....and what..??? carpet?? no I will hold on to my coins for now I would like a towel please"

Wendy set everything down and lay down her face on the floor Jim's face haunted her his smile....his brown eyes that seemed to shine when he looked down at her ...his smell was so sweet and perfect he smelled like strong cologne the kind I took from my house before I ran away. He had rough hands the kind from working long hours of the day and some blisters from washing dishes he was an angel. The perfect man that I will never forget, Will I ever find another man?? Wendy shuttered at the thought of this. Flynn seemed to like her ...but she would never see him again either and it would be wrong to date Jim's brother with Jim dead....Jim hated Flynn with a passion. I will never get out of this dreadful place anyways... Wendy mumbled to herself she started to feel like what the Villain branded her with...Normal Scum.... "Normal...Yes that is all I am normal,worthless,pathetic from falling in love. My heart is what brought me here loving someone so much that I can not live without Jim....I have gotten to that point" Wendy whispered into her knees. I do not wan't another man...not now I am not ready....maybe someday I can forgive myself and move on....Jim.....Is voice I hear every night before I close my eyes I can still smell his brown flowing hair. Wendy curled into a ball on the floor holding her legs together while staring at her hand.


(sorry the coin post was late Muwa!! )
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Coins?? and haunted by nightmares....
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