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 It would've been better if we never met, None of this would've happened.

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PostSubject: It would've been better if we never met, None of this would've happened.   Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:04 pm

As Pocahontas laid there, passed out. Her thoughts were racing..They turned into a dream..

Kocoum stood there, smiling at his dear sister, "Pocahontas.."

Pocahontas looked up, seeing her brother her eyes had widened, tears falling down, "Kocoum?"

He laughed, "It's me little sister.." He then spoke in his language which meant, "It is me my little butterfly.."

Pocahontas got up, running to him, hugging him as she did, "Why did you leave me..Why!?"

"It was my time, butterfly.." He then changed the subject, "And I'm not here because of it..Why are you saying you are a Worm?.." His voice was calm, just like how he always talked to her..

"I let myself love two man, only getting my heartbroken by both of them..Kocoum..I wished..I wished I never met both of them..I wished I stayed only loving my family.." She covered her eyes, crying..

"They came into your life so you couldn't only love you family, Pocahontas please stop doing this to yourself. Yes, Sweet has chosen..And he still loves you..Do not grow cold or mean to the woman he chose.."

Pocahontas looked at her brother, "Why should I grow cold? I just..I just don't want to talk to her.."

"Now is that fair to the woman?"

"No..But, It would've been better if me and Sweet never met, none of this would've happened.."

"Poca, don't hate Sweet for loving her..Be happy for the both of them..I know it will take some time but, please listen to me.." He was slowly fading..

"Kocoum?" She felt her hands go through him, "NO!" Her eyes started to water, "No, please don't leave me again. PLEASE!!! KOCOUM!! BIG BROTHER, PLEASE NO!" She started to scream..

"I will always be with you, Poca.." He disappeared.

"KOCOUM!" She screamed, falling to her knees, "Kocoum, please..I need you.."

End of Dream...
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It would've been better if we never met, None of this would've happened.
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