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 New Room... Where's Cody? (Jane/Lina) [Jane's Breakdown]

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PostSubject: New Room... Where's Cody? (Jane/Lina) [Jane's Breakdown]   Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:37 pm

Jane awoke on the floor. She stared up at the ceiling. She knew Cody was no longer with her.

She didn't want to move.

Dimitri loved Odette.

She knew this would happen.

Cale loved Odette.

Never had she felt this depressed.

The room was cold.

She didn't want to move.

Was all hope lost?

She didn't have tears to cry.

Who was in here with her?

She didn't care.

Dimitri didn't love her. Cody was not safe at her side.

She wanted to die.

"Kill me...." She breathed, her voice barely above a whisper.

There was nothing to live for.

She longed for the sun on her face, the wind in her hair, her son in her arms, Dimitri by her side.

She couldn't feel her arms. Her legs.

Not even Cale had made her this sad.

"Kill me." She said, louder, her voice cracking.

Finding strength she stood up.

"I WANT TO DIE!! DAMMIT! KILL ME! KILL ME PLEASE NOW!!!" She threw herself against the wall. Another wall.

"WHY? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" She beat her hands against the wall.

"I WANT TO DIE!" She screamed.

"Kill... me..." She broke down in tears, falling to her knees, sobbing. Sobbing more than she had ever sobbed before. She returned to her former position.

Back on the floor, face at the ceiling. Her tears silently fell.

Never had she been this sad.

Kill me please...

[[ooc yes she's strong. But you can't expect her to be all gung ho. Let's escape I love Dimitri and my son all the time can you? Wink ]]
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PostSubject: Re: New Room... Where's Cody? (Jane/Lina) [Jane's Breakdown]   Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:25 am

[ OOC: Jane!! DD: Your post made me sad SadSad I feel so bad right now it's unreal x3 I shall make it up to you Wink ( unless you try and hurt me first *cough* xD ) so stop wanting to die >:3 ]
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PostSubject: Re: New Room... Where's Cody? (Jane/Lina) [Jane's Breakdown]   Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:22 am

[OOC: *feels baaad* DD: Jane needs to come and beat Dimitri up.. personally I'm in favour of it regardless of what he would think 8D
Weelll if your roommate is still Thumbalina theeen she won't be coming back here as um, well you'll see in the garden soon x3]
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PostSubject: Re: New Room... Where's Cody? (Jane/Lina) [Jane's Breakdown]   

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New Room... Where's Cody? (Jane/Lina) [Jane's Breakdown]
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