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 24 Hours Before [Dim's Past #1]

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PostSubject: 24 Hours Before [Dim's Past #1]    Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:16 am

[OOC- I originally wrote this on the OLD forum.. i.e. the one before everything was deleted o-e
I had around the first half saved- the second voice message is the last line on the word document- but the rest I am basing on drafts I wrote in notebooks. I've also removed anything ambiguous about Odettes identity.. since when this was written that hadn't been revealed in the rp. Therefore this will vary from the original!
Just thought as I'm currently editing this plot in a video, and Charlotte is soon to be joining the rp, i thought it would be nice to try and re-post this ^-^
Also first fan fic- though I'm going to start writing more to fill in on some of Dim's past and so on... Very Happy]

13th February 2011;

9:07am; The person you are trying to call is not avaliable at the moment, so please leave a message after the tone.
Um.. Dimitri? Wake up, I know you're there! Look I'm sorry but that girl we thought... well its a dead lead. Sorry hun, she may have matched the description but that was all... Maybe next time, yeah? Anyways Daddy's got you working double shifts tonight. Got to justify employing you, you know? Now I understand you are upset.. but please do not screw this up! I don't think he'll be quiet so understanding after the last time....

Dimitri lay in bed, not even bothering to reach for the phone. He still had a headache from last night, and he just wasn't in the mood to hear Charlotte's voice. Shaking his head as he heard the bad news he felt another wave of disappointment and the urge to pick up the nearest bottle and down it. Another dead end, another step backwards. He should have known that throwing money at the situation wouldn't help. Odette was gone, and that was it. Anyways, he thought, look at the state of him! It was probably best that she didn't see how wrecked he was.

Dragging himself up, Dimitri stumbled out of bed. His tiny flat was in a state- old leftovers and clothes carelessly placed across the floor and table, the bed unmade, and half empty bottles spilling across the carpet, but he could hardly afford it without Charlotte's input. Honestly he didn't know why she bothered with him.

As he searched for some clean clothes Dimitri picked up a half full bottle from the night before, downing it in a flash.
Thats right, wallow in self-pity, he thought too himself bitterly.

Dimitri sighed. He had come to the city after he'd been essentially forced to leave home 5 years ago, aged 18. 3 arrests in 6 months, the last for assault [although from his perspective he would argue that was wrongly perceived], and his parents had forced him out of the house. Since then he'd looked for whatever work he could find, whether it be from a bartender to working in a store to acting as a 'runner' for some of the people he had met. Currently, however, he was working as a chauffeur with Charlotte funding his life, which usually consisted of many late nights at the bar. He supposed that with money this habit of drinking had got worse, now that he could always afford more, but alcohol suited his dependency of avoiding his problems head-on. In his opinion, he would argue, alcohol was just one of the ways he was trying to move away from the past...

Looking at the time Dimitri realised there was no point in him being awake. His shift didn't start until around 8pm, but now that he was awake he decided to head to the bar. It was only around the corner... though he was unsure if they would let him in after last time.

Another dead end, another lost cause, but he'd drink to that.

Dimitri! You're late! This is that last straw. I can't keep making excuses for you. You better show up or thats it.

Dimitri woke up... He had fallen unconscious, his face resting on a table. He looked at his watch.. Shit! he thought, grabbing his coat. He was late, and he promised he wouldn't be. Rushing out the door, stumbling as he did, he ran towards Charlotte's. Taking the car's key out of his pocket he frantically searched for the black car waiting for him, and drove off the drive in a hurry..

Dimitri winced as he drank another shot of vodka.. He could still remember how much he had screwed up though, so he ordered another 5. He had arrived at work, drunk still. And everything had just come out...

The people Charlotte's father knew.. they had always irritated him. They seemed to look down on everyone, especially Dimitri who he felt they treated like a personal servant. Charlotte knew this.. And when they started talking he had just got so angry... He couldn't remember excatly. Some words were said, voices raised, and eventually he had swerved the car into some incoming traffic. All that he knew for sure is that the night had ended with Charlotte's father telling him he was fired, and he never wanted to see him again.

'Thats 15$' the bartender said.. Dimitri looking in his wallet.. It was empty. But he downed the shots anyway. 'Hey! Security..!' Soon he was being thrown out onto the street. Unwilling to walk back home he crawled to a nearby alleyway and lay there, hoping to fall asleep and forget it all....

14th February 2011;

Dimitri groaned, opening his eyes in the sun... he had no idea what time it was but there were people walking past him in the street and he had a killer hangover. Standing up he tried to balance on his feet and not vomit. Got to get home.. he said to himself. That is if i still have a home.. he thought, remembering what had happened last night. No job meant no Charlotte, and no Charlotte meant no money and no flat. He was essentially homeless, unless Charlotte was stupid enough to forgive him.. There was only one way to find out.

Dimitri started to walk along the pavement, slowly so that he didn't fall over. Eventually he came to a quiet stretch of road.. he was nearly back at his flat. He recognised the neighbourhood. Suddenly he felt somthing hit the back of his head, and everything went dark.. He hadn't even a chance to see who it was as they had snuck up from behind..

Dim.. I know you aren't home right now but when you get this message can you call me, ok? I'm sorry about Daddy.. he can be like that sometimes. But please just answer me! You're scaring me, not saying anything and disappearing out of the blue! Look we can talk this out, maybe even get your job back? Or you could just stay with me for a bit until you work something out.. look I don't know. But silence isn't helping! Just.. just call me soon!

Dimitri woke up with a headache.. stuck in a strange room with no windows, the only escape a locked door. He turned over and saw a young girl drawing.
'..Where.. where are we?'
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24 Hours Before [Dim's Past #1]
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