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PostSubject: [READ:] ABOUT PERSONAL PROFILES!   Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:02 am

Every character now has the chance to create their own personal profile! This is an easier way to catch up on who knows who and what happened to what characters! I want you to write paragraphs under different smaller headlines! I will soon make my own personal profile for the villain, so you can see how it is done! Look at mine as an example, because I want similar profiles for everyone. (Easier to follow if everyone has a similar profile).
This is what I want you to add on your personal profile:

1. Name
2. Age and Birthday
3. Friends
4. Enemies
5. Acquaintances
6. Love interests
7. Traumas
8. Home Country
9. History

You can add and edit to your profile whenever you want ^^ Just make sure to keep your small headlines in that order. You are allowed to add different headlines, but let these come after the headlines already listed above.
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