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 [Personal Profile: POCAHONTAS]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: POCAHONTAS]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:17 am


Age and Birthday
20 years old. Birthday: October 27th.

Sweet/Thrax - Pocahontas's second best friend, even though how much hurt he had put her through. She can't help but stay friends with him..She doesn't return his feelings for her, due to she thinks she was just a second plan..

Jasmine - Even though Jasmine took the man she loved, she can't help but to feel like she is still her friend. After all it isn't Jasmine's fault that Sweet chose her. Jasmine had always told Poca how she never wanted to hurt her, and even now she hasn't hurt her. Pocahontas cannot look at Jasmine without feeling guilt..Due to her sleeping with Thrax..

Cindy - Cindy had helped Pocahontas through so much stuff, the torture, the rape and even the heartbreak that happened to her. Never once has Cindy let her down..She hopes the birthing process of her baby will be a good one. And prays that the baby will be healthy

Odette - The first friend she ever got in this hell hole, makes her feel very warm. Even after all the shit that happened to her..Odette was still there to help her. Her and Odette are alike in many ways..

Eric - The second friend she had ever had, this man has helped her through the time she was scared of more people hurting her family. This is the first man she had ever loved to..She thanks Eric for telling her he did have feelings for him back then but, in order to protect her he had to let go of the feelings. And now she thinks of him as a brother, and treasures him for still being with her..Pocahontas hopes Eric never finds out what she had done..

Snow White - A pretty little girl who Pocahontas has met. They were friends the moment they talk. Pocahontas feels sorry for Snow, having to loose her baby even though it was the rapist's baby...It was still Snow's..She hopes Snow is alright..

Aladdin - A very sweet boy, who has had a lot of things happen to him. She hopes he will be able to keep on living for his son, and never gives up on trying to stay alive for Jasmine and his son.

Sinbad - Her rapist, all she can say.

Ariel(Dead) - Pocahontas hates Ariel with a fiery passion. She had pleasure of killing the red haired bitch, having taught her a lesson brought great joy to her.

Anya - The sweet, beautiful lady..Pocahontas feels no hatred towards this woman. She loves to talk with her but, doesn't like it when they fight..She hopes Anya and Eric will have a great future..

Helga - Pocahontas is unsure about Helga, but she thinks she is nice and very sweet.

Aurora(Dead): Pocahontas thought Aurora was a nice girl, but she wished she learned more about her before she died.

Love Interests
Kenai - When she met Kenai, she was scared, she didn't know if he was going to hurt her or not. Though, he immediately started to talk to her sweetly. And she knew he wasn't going to hurt her. When they had their conversation, they found out they were pretty much the same, and so were their villages. She feels safe around Kenai, and feels protected in this hellhole with him. And she is so glad she had met him, cause now she knows what it feels like to be the only one someone focuses on.

Villain - The man who brought her here, and tortured her. She cares for him. And at the Christmas party he had told her, that he wanted her. Pocahontas told him she couldn't, and she wouldn't..Even though she wants to, she is in love with Kenai. Though, she will always be his little Judas..And even know she knows he knows, she will always care for John..and would always be there to help him..She took a knife for him after all..


1. Having her brother die from a sickness that couldn't be cured..

2. Having her mother killed by the attack of her home.

3. Getting raped..

4. Getting tortured because of a key that Dimitri had all along..The torture made her break, she couldn't fight back and that made her feel weak. Never had she felt so much pain in her entire life, after all she is a Hired Assassin and a pretty good one to. But yet, the torture made her become incredibly weak and feels like she can't fight back..

5. Getting her heart broken for the second time, after all she did to grow feelings for Sweet/Thrax..He managed to break her heart..

6. Fighting with Thrax at the Masquerade.

7. Seeing how angry Thrax can get.

8. Seeing her best friend, Odette get tortured by the low life bitch that goes by the name of Ariel.

9. Getting stabbed, and receiving a bitch slap from John.

Home Country

Pocahontas was always a hard working assassin, but she wasn't an assassin for her whole life. She lived in a village by an ocean where the trees gave off a wonderful smell and the wild life was everywhere. Her and her brother Kocoum were the best of pals, always playing in the morning until it was time to work. Her mother was her idol, helping the sick and showing the children the way of the wild life. Her father had helped Pocahontas become strong.

She had met her first friend, Sweet/Thrax there. He had showed her the beauty of world. She had only loved him as a brother. He gave her a necklace that represent her as the river, calm and gentle when she felt she was nothing and couldn't do anything right. The necklace is her most treasured item, and she still wears it. But, when he couldn't help her when her brother was sick and died. Pocahontas called him a demon, making him get run out of her village.

Her parents were happily married until their village had been attacked by strangers, they had killed her mother. Pocahontas vowed to get revenge on the strangers, and that was her first kill in her whole entire life and she turned into an hired assassin. When she was on the beach, she saw a man. A tall, good-looking man with black hair, unfortunately she wasn't happy and when she saw that he started to approach her. She had pushed him, and ran off. She wasn't going to let the man hurt her, or her family. When Pocahontas got to one of the boats the man had called out to her, making her turn around. The strange man started to introduce himself, he called himself Eric. Pocahontas looked at him narrowing her eyes making sure he wasn't going to do anything, when she found out he wasn't going to attack she told him her name.

After a year they had become close friends. He had given her the nickname "The Dragonfly." She had to admit she did fall for him. How could she not have he made her so happy? Unfortunately, the happiness didn't last long. After a year that came shortly after, Eric was faced with a hard decision, a decision he wasn't going to make. In order to protect her he had told her to meet up with him at some place that night. Pocahontas met him to find out she had to go into hiding, in order to keep her safe, Eric was going to have to cut off all the ties of them knowing each other which meant, no more feelings for each other, no more seeing each other and no more talking to each other. Pocahontas understood this, but she couldn't help the tears that fell upon her cheeks. Before leaving, she had gave him a hug and her first kiss, which was her way to let go of her feelings. Pocahontas was the first to pull away, looking at the man who made her happy, she turned, running off knowing she wasn't ever going to see him again.

And now she is in this hellhole..

Hired Assassin

Mass murder

Branded Mark
W = Worm

1. Her Branded Mark on her right palm. (Healed/Scarred)
2. A little cut on her neck. (Healed/A barely noticeable scar)
3. A deep cut on her palm with the letter X on it. (Healed/Scarred)
4. A cut from her wrist to her elbow, it grows deeper as it hits the elbow. (Healed/Scarred)
5. A deep cut below her neck. (Healed/Scarred)
6. Her right hand fist has a cut on it from hitting the wall. (Healed/Scarred)
7. A cut on the back of her head. (Healed)
8. Her right hand is fractured. (Healed)
9. Stab wound in the upper stomach area. (Healing)

A dress.

A blue necklace that Sweet/Thrax gave her when he was still in her village.

Best Memories She has
-Meeting Sweet
-Sweet giving her a necklace, which represented her as calm and gentle like the river.
-Becoming a Assassin
-Avenging her mother
-Meeting Eric

Rooms She's been in
[Starting from first room she's been in to the last room she was in. And the room she is Currently In]
1. Room 3
2. Room 2
3. Room 1
4. Villain's Room
5. Room 10
6. The Dining Room
7. Room 5
8. Room 10
9. Room 9
10. Room 1
11. Room 3
12. Room 5
13. Room 7
14. The Garden
Currently in: Room 2

Pictures of her before she got captured..

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[Personal Profile: POCAHONTAS]
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