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 [Personal Profile: JASMINE]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: JASMINE]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:49 am

(OOC: Will add more later)

Jasmine Rabi.

Age and Birthday
19 Years old,

Thrax- She had a relationship with Thrax but it didn't work out due the fact that they both felt something for somebody else. She was glad that they broke up. So there wasn't anymore confusion in their relationship.

Ariel- They had been through some really odd things.. Jasmine still thinks she can talk to Ariel as a friend. Ariel is one of the most important persons in her life she does not want to lose her.

Pocahontas - She recals Poca as a friend. She does not intent to fight. She only wants to help Poca, Jasmine had the feeling she has to stand up for Poca no matter what happens. Feeling a bit confused now due the fact that Thrax

Lilo- She is also a friend of her past. Jasmine feels like a mother to her. Sees allot of potential in this girl.



Love interests
Aladdin - He was a friend from her past The only friend she has left. The onyl friend she is sure she can trust no mater what. She feels that he is a brother to her. No matter what happens she'll always stand by his side and comfort him when he needs it. She Needs him as much as he needs her.
She developed some feelings through the time they spent with each other.


-Being taken away from her parents.

-Rape, She does not feel scared when a woman touches her Neither when Thrax or Aladdin do. Because she knows she can trust them. But when another man touches her she feels dirty and scared. Scared of her past she try's to forget.

-Murder, She saw how her first love was killed. Forced too watch. She is scared to watch other people die. She prefers dying instead.
She also feels that she must die because she made her friend (Isabella) Kill the man who locked her away and raped her. She feels that she has his blood on her hands and she has to carry the guilt all her life.

Home Country
Agrabah - She does not want to return to Agrabah, Since she got out of the Harem she wants to find her own place to live. Where she can start all over again. No place where she will be reminded of the bad things she has done in her life.

Jasmine Was as a little child just perfect her world was perfect her parents weren't rich but they had enough money too buy food and clothes. But as time passed and she grew older her parents got into more troubles everyday. She used to run away from her home and go to the marketplace. She met Aladdin there. But once she would return home her father would be angry at her. He would shout she was not worth enough to live in his house.

After 2 years of walking away and argueing with her father... Her father had enough of her attitude. One day the guards of the sultan broke into their house Her father sold her too the Harem of the palace. Because she was old enough to be sold. She was 13 years old. She kept the hate for her Father. He never really cared about her. She kept telling herself.

After some years in the Harem she wondered why she was never picked before. Maby he did not want her. As time ticked away she met this guard who started to work for the sultan one year after she joined the Harem. They fell in love. They tried to keep it secret. They never slept with each other because the sultan would expect her to be virngin still.

But one day the Sultan came into the room. She was picked to stay for the night. As she was alone with him he pushed her too the ground ripping of her clothes. She could not fight back. He was too strong. Once he raped her she only cried.

{Traumas, She had to watch her first love being killed and she got the sultan killed}

She tried to start a new life but it would not last long. Before she even knew she was here in this place full off people with their own pains and dramas..
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[Personal Profile: JASMINE]
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