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 [Personal Profile : ARIEL]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile : ARIEL]   Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:05 am


Age and Birthday
17 years old

Jasmine- The only person who really understood her through everything and what she was going through.

Wendy- The girl who spoke to Ariel through the wall, the girl Ariel helped when Jim had died.

Kayla- Ex-girlfriend. Ariel wanted to stay friends so it wasn't awkward towards them.

Odette- Pregnant with Sinbad's babies. Hates her for the fact she slept with Sinbad. And knows she can get whatever she wants.


Love interests
Sinbad - The one man who loves Ariel for who she is. The fact she is beautiful and perfect for him. Even though they fight they work it out in the end. Even though in the start Ariel only wanted to have sex with Sinbad to get revenge on Kida, their relationship started to develop and they fell in love.


Home Country
England {yes in my head Ariel is English}


{Gonna write this out in word then paste it on here}
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[Personal Profile : ARIEL]
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