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 Torture on the screen [TV]

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PostSubject: Torture on the screen [TV]   Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:15 am

Ariel rammed the knife in further. Blood poured out over the floor. She dragged the knife down towards Odette's bikini line. Blood squirted out. Ariel took the knife out and licked the blood and held it in her mouth.
"You fucking bitch" she whispered. Ariel walked back around to Odette's stomach. "I think it is fucking dead now. Deed done"

Even if Helga killed for living, she had always thought that torture was horrible, really horrible. She huddled together in Naveen's arms and didn't want to see it. This was just awful. It was like a horror movie, but the fact that it is happening right now, in the same house, did so she wanted to puke. How sick is this man who make them do these things?
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Torture on the screen [TV]
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