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 When words ruin everything..The Deaths...And meeting the next lover..

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PostSubject: When words ruin everything..The Deaths...And meeting the next lover..   Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:53 am

[[OOC This will based on Kocoum's Death..Pocahontas calling Thrax a Demon and having him leave..And the weeks that happened after. Along with the attack of her village and death of her mother..And Meeting Eric..^^]]

Pocahontas laid her brother's hand on his chest, staring at him as the tears fell. She got up slowly, walking outside. Her eyes went straight to Sweet..

"Is he.." Sweet stopped, seeing the hurt in Pocahontas's eyes, "I'm so sorry..Poca..I..I tried everything.."

Pocahontas stood there, staring at him listening to him. She then pushed him, screaming, "YOU SAID YOU WOULD CURE HIM! YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T LET HIM DIE!" She started to scream in her language which meant, "YOU LIED! HE SHOULDN'T HAVE DIED!"

Sweet had backed up, understanding the words she spoke, "Poca, I tried everything!"

"No you didn't..YOU DIDN'T IF YOU DID HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE!" She screamed, pushing him even more.

"Poca! Stop this! You know I didn't mean this to happen.."

Pocahontas stared at him, looking away as she spoke quietly, "Demon.." She then looked back to him, "DEMON!"

Sweet's eyes widened, backing up..Demon? He looked at her, "Wh-!" He turned around the whole village started to call him a Demon, "Poca!" He looked at her, but she wasn't looking at him anymore. Sweet backed up, running off when they threw stuff at him.

..The Day After...

Pocahontas woke up, getting up as she ran out. She ran to Sweet's tent to see he wasn't there. She had hoped it was a dream...Her eyes looked around, hearing people call Sweet a demon. Pocahontas ran off fast, running into the forest, "SWEET!?" She cried out, "SWEET!? ARE YOU HERE? SWEET!?" She yelled louder, "SWEET I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO I-!" Pocahontas went to a stop..The thing he had called a car wasn't where he left it..She walked slowly to the place where the car stayed, "No.." She slowly sank to her knees, "How..How could I?" Her hand touched the ground, screaming, "NOO!!" Pocahontas punched the ground with both of her hands, crying..

She kept going to that spot every week and day, It was then..Her feelings for Sweet were coming, but she had found someone else she loved also a year later..Eric..To where she was blind to the man she loved before..

A year later...

Pocahontas sat by the river, broken into pieces. She held the necklace in her hand, looking at it..The words she spoke to him..How she called Sweet a demon. Suddenly her head snapped to where her village laid..There were screams, "What the?" Hearing a gun shot she stood up, "FATHER! MOTHER!" She ran suddenly towards her village, putting her necklace back on. Her eyes widened as she saw unfamiliar people in her village. Pocahontas started to crawl to her tent, walking in..Her Father and Mother were no where to be found, running out of the tent she screamed, "MOTHER! FATHER!?" She turned around fast, seeing one of the men behind her. He suddenly lashed out on her, punching her to the ground. She was brought to her father and mother, looking up she saw her Mother on the ground..Bleeding, "Mother.." Pocahontas saw a man above her, "NO! LEAVE HER ALONE! PLEASE WE DID NOTHING TO YOU! LEAVE HER ALONE!" She tried to move her hands, but someone was holding her wrists together. Her eyes widened as the man brought a knife down to her mother..Her mother's scream..The blood, "Mama.." It was clear to her when her mother didn't move that they killed her. Pocahontas looked down, hearing her father's cries....The anger started to build up...She screamed, kicking the man behind her in the crotch. She suddenly grabbed the man with the knife who ran to her. Her eyes showed pure hatred, twisting the man's arm with the knife. She took the knife, spinning around as she sliced the man's neck. Pocahontas freed her father, "Go!" She said, running off...

It was a long fight...And Pocahontas could only free some people..

Pocahontas watched the men leave, falling to her knees. She had cuts and bruises, her eyes blood shot from the tears she let out..Blood was all over her face..It was then when she fell over, fainting..

A couple weeks later..

Pocahontas walked to the river which had sand around it, stopping when she saw a man with short black hair. She hid in the bushes, looking up to the man. When the man spot her and walked to her, she pushed him down. Pocahontas ran off, turning around when the man called out to her..

"I'm not going to hurt you..." He smiled..

Pocahontas started to look away..

"My name is Eric..I am not going to hurt you..."

Pocahontas stared at the man..

"My name is Pocahontas.."

It was then..She knew she was going to make another friend..A best friend who she fell in love with...Making her feelings for Sweet go under and hide..

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When words ruin everything..The Deaths...And meeting the next lover..
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