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 Was It All Just A Dream?

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PostSubject: Was It All Just A Dream?   Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:36 am

'If you need anything, then just let me know. And then I'll get it for you.'

Odette smiled to herself as Sinbad spoke, pulling his shirt down to her stomach. She started to panic slightly when she saw a small patch of blood start to seep through her bandages again. She hastily pulled his shirt down the rest of the way, looking at him out of the corner of her eye to make sure that he hadn't noticed anything was wrong.

'The less I see of them the better,' she thought, no longer wanting to be reminded of what she had lost .. or the person that had taken it away from her.

'I'm fine for now ..' she said as she looked up at him, reaching out to gently entwine her fingers with his, 'thank you for everything you've done for me so far .. I don't think I could have made it through this without you ..' she whispered, smiling up at him as she squeezed his hand.

She turned away from him as she felt her grip become weaker and her vision start to blur. Trying her best to be discreet, she moved her free hand underneath the shirt and lightly placed her palm against her bandages.

'It shouldn't be getting worse .. should it ..' she muttered to herself as she lowered her hand by her side again and stared at the blood that covered her palm, 'something's wrong .. I ..' she said, her voice becoming nothing more than a whisper as she felt herself grow tired before blacking out ..


Beep .. beep .. beep .. beep ..

'What the ..' Odette thought as she came to, 'that noise ..'

She groaned as she opened her eyes, closing them instantly when, instead of seeing one of the dark rooms she had grown so accustomed to over the months, she saw nothing but a bright light.

'Am I dead ..' she mumbled hoarsely to herself.

'No, not yet,' she heard laughter nearby, 'but your injuries are pretty serious and if we don't get you up to surgery soon ..'

Odette jumped as soon as she heard the male voice, 'is this some sort of trick ..' she said quietly, her eyes still closed as she wondered if the villain was playing some sort of game with her again.

'A trick?' she heard the man sigh, 'your brother did warn us that you might be a bit delirious after taking all those pills while attempting to .. well ..'

'Brother ..?' she thought, more than a little confused as she slowly opened her eyes again.

'I'm .. in .. in a .. hospital ..' she stammered, even more confused as her gaze slowly wandered around the room. She was in a small room .. white ceiling .. white walls .. white bedsheets .. she was definitely in a hospital ..
She felt a sudden breeze and turned to her right, seeing the open window .. feeling the fresh air on her skin again .. watching the clouds move calmly across the sky ..

'Was it all .. a dream ..?' she whispered, feeling herself tear up at the thought of finally being out of that place.

'.. your brother signed off on all of the paperwork, so we'll be sending you up to surgery once the nurse has finished here,' Odette tuned back in as soon as he mentioned her brother again, turning to see a young nurse fixing a red packet to the IV stand by her bed.

'Is that blood ..?' she thought as she watched the nurse carefully.

'You lost a lot of blood before ..' she turned to the man as he spoke again, taking in his appearence for the first time. He seemed to be middle aged, not much younger than her own father at least. He was definitely handsome with his strong facial features and striking blue eyes that reminded her so much of .. She shook her head quickly, she didn't have to worry about the villain again.

'After all, none of it was real ..' she thought, wishing more than anything that that was true. That might mean that she had never met the people she had grown closest to in that place, but it also meant that they were safe .. just like she was. Even so, the more she watched the doctor, the more she started to think that there was something strange about him as well.

'You're lucky that your brother found you when he did,' he spoke up again, moving his dark brown hair out of his face as he looked up from the medical chart in his hand.

'Wait ..' she said, pausing for a moment, still trying to process what he was saying, 'I don't know what you're talking about .. I don't even have a brot ..'

That's when she noticed him. The blond figure standing on the other side of the closed door. He held a finger up to his lips as he watched her with those same cold, blue eyes that she had been thinking of moments before and as she looked at him she knew instantly to keep her mouth shut.

'All done, doctor,' Odette quickly turned her head away for a moment as she heard the nurse speak, but when she looked back the villain was gone.

'It couldn't have been him .. could it ..?' she thought, shaking her head of the image before noticing something out of the corner of her eye. She stared at the chair by her bed, 'Sinbad ..' she whispered to herself as she saw his shirt sitting there. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping more than anything that when she opened them again it wouldn't be there .. but as she slowly opened her eyes, it was still there .. she was still trapped in this nightmare ..

'Are you ok?' the doctor asked and she nodded, turning away from him when she realised she had started crying. She jumped slightly when she felt his hand on her arm, 'everything will be fine, the procedure has little risk involved. You'll be up and about again in no time,' he said, giving her arm a reassuring squeeze.


A tall shadowy figure entered the hospital room and shut the door quietly. Odette groaned when she heard a click as the door locked.

'Wha ..' she murmured as she opened her eyes but her vision was blurry.

'You know ..' the familiar voice said.

'Doctor ..' she blinked, trying to clear her vision as the figure walked closer.

'.. I was just thinking how lucky it was that you were brought in today ..' he said as she felt something cold touch her neck, 'I was afraid I'd have to do my rounds again .. but fresh meat is so much more .. exhilarating, don't you think?'

'What are you ..' she started, her eyes widening when she realised what he was pressing against her neck.

'Ssshhh ..' he whispered gently as he placed a hand against her cheek.

'Don't! Get off ..' she started to panic now.

'Don't speak .. don't even scream ..' he said as he pressed the scalpel harder against her skin, using his other hand to remove a syringe from his pocket, 'I promise it won't hurt ..'

'Wait .. please ..' she breathed as she felt the blood start to trickle down her neck. She watched in horror as he pushed the needle into her skin and injected her with whatever liquid was inside, 'what did you ..' she mumbled, feeling herself grow weaker with every passing second.

'Don't worry, you'll be perfectly fine in the morning ..' he said, moving his hands to undo his trousers as he smirked in her direction, 'well .. except for that hole in your stomach that you stupidly did to yourself ..'

'No, please!' she tried to scream, but she couldn't speak .. couldn't even move .. all she could do was watch as he moved himself on top of her, tears streaming down her face as she felt his body move against hers.


'No!' Odette screamed, sitting up quickly and immediately regretting it as she felt the familiar pain tear through her stomach. She lay back down, breathing slowly to try and dull the pain if only a little.

'Don't worry, it was only a nightmare,' she felt someone put their hand on hers and as she looked up she edged away slowly, seeing the villain calmly staring at her as he sat by her bed.

'You ..' she started before being interrupted by another male voice on the other side of her.

'Your sisters operation was a success, she'll need to rest for a few ..' Odette blanked out as the doctor spoke. She lifted her hand and touched the bandage around her neck.

'So, it really did happen ..' she thought as she remembered how the knife had cut her throat the night before. She slowly stared from one man to the other, 'how can they both be so calm after what they've done ..'

She turned to the villain, watching him for a while as he nodded along to the doctors recovery speech. Even if there was a possibility she could die at any second if she went back to that place, she would rather spend her final moments with people she had grown to care about than here at the mercy of ..
She looked back at the doctor, only to see him smirking down at her. She squeezed her eyes shut but she could still see him staring down at her with those cold, blue eyes .. still feel him against her skin.
She slowly opened her eyes again, feeling her tears start to fall as she turned towards the villain. She just wanted to see a friendly face again and playing along with his games was the only way she was going to get back to them .. She stared up at him for a few more seconds before whispering ..

'Please .. take me home ..'
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PostSubject: Re: Was It All Just A Dream?   Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:55 pm

D': *hugs Odette* Evil doctor... Now I REALLY don't EVER want a male doctor. No
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PostSubject: Re: Was It All Just A Dream?   Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:25 am

Ahhhhh, I'm so sorry you've been through this D:
Is it weird that I somehow got the feeling that there is something going on between Villain and the doctor?
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PostSubject: Re: Was It All Just A Dream?   

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Was It All Just A Dream?
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