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 [Pocahontas's Past Pt 5.] The deep secret..End of Poca's past..

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PostSubject: [Pocahontas's Past Pt 5.] The deep secret..End of Poca's past..   Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:00 am

Pocahontas walked to her father, smiling at him as she hugged him. Her hand on her stomach when she pulled away.

"Are you sure you want to keep that horrible rapist's baby?" He asked, looking down at his beautiful daughter..

"Father, every life deserves a chance..Even if it was force upon one's self.." She said, looking up at her father.

Pocahontas's Father smiled, nodding at her, "You have the most wisdom, my daughter. I am proud of you."

Pocahontas smiled, stopping fast as she felt a pain in her stomach. Her face suddenly was in pain, falling to her knees. As she looked down her eyes widened, seeing blood coming down from her thigh. She looked up at her father, "Father..No..It isn't..It isn't.."

He looked at his daughter, realizing what was happening, "Oh no.." He sat down by her, letting the tears fall now, "I'm..Poca...I'm sorry.."

She looked at her father, knowing that the baby wasn't in her anymore, "No..." the tears fell down her cheeks, crying on her father's chest..

Pocahontas was then taken to the medical person of her village..And she found out the baby was gone..She was only on her first month of the pregnancy.

[[OOC Sad eh? XD Well that's it..The end of Poca's past..NOW YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER 8D!]]
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[Pocahontas's Past Pt 5.] The deep secret..End of Poca's past..
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