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 Wendy's Story Part 2

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PostSubject: Wendy's Story Part 2   Sat Jun 18, 2011 7:55 am

Its been 2 weeks since Wendy ran off to the Benbow Inn. The food was amazing from Mrs. Hawkins kind generosity and even though it is not the fancy life she has been accustomed to for the first time she felt as if she was home. She knows her parents have been searching for her, but there is nothing they can do since she is of age. "Maybe I should at least tell them I am alive and I did not get killed by some serial killer or something" But as much as she longed to tell them she was alright she could not bring her self to do so. Wendy did not talk to Jim much after there moment on top of the roof he has been gone most of the days riding on his air board. The way he sees it " It is my way of just letting everything go there is not a better feeling in the world then to have the wind blowing there your hair" Wendy does not understand guys sometimes, always so complicated but maybe she was not meant to understand. Wendy wanted to tell Jim how she felt about him how she thinks he is an amazing guy and then just run in to his arms like some kind of 1950's romance movie.

The longing was there but she had to live here and it was to late to turn back now.She could not complicate things and I am sure neither would he. They stayed silent shyly passing each other in the kitchen. Wendy was washing dishes looking down at the scattered plates tossed across the sink. Jim glanced over at her she could see in the corner of her eye he was either checking her out or found her annoying. Wendy could not stand the utter silence anymore. If I said something wrong on the roof or have upset you in any way please tell me...maybe I should not have told you so much about why I ran away or maybe you think I am not who you thought I was, I .... " Jim cut her off " Wendy ...Wendy calm the fuck down ok the reason I was acting so wierd...I thought I was the one who scared you. I mean I wanted to give you the chance to run like hell while you had the chance" Wendy could not help to let a laugh escape her that was building up inside her.

" No God Jim that is why you were acting strange? Why not, I don't know maybe ask me what i thought instead of shunning me like I have some kind of disease."

Jim smiled a light kind hearted smile his brown eyes were gorgeous. She had never noticed before how amazing his body was either. She could see his abs forming around his shirt which was clearly was to small, but she did not mind not one bit. "Wow" Wendy exclaimed a little to loud thinking to her self that she was some kind of slut or something by thinking how hot he was. Wendy had never truly thought about anyone of the opposite sex living a sheltered life definitely had its disadvantages. Jim smiled and took her hand

" I am sorry it is just I do not know how to show my feelings and , I am sorry if it seemed I was pushing you away Wendy"

Mrs. Hawkins was starting to waltz into the kitchen when she heard what Jim said, She leaned against the door her ears pressed firmly against the wooden frame. Wendy blushed her cheeks were flushed a light pink squeezing his hand back in return.

" should not fall for me my life is so complicated .Why get caught up in something that you are not certain what may happen?"

Jim wrapped a hand along her waist and smiled into her blue eyes pulling her body closer to him.

"Nothing is certain Wendy but should we crawl in to a hole and hide from life I am very happy you make me that way"

Mrs. Hawkins started merrily skipping through the Inn a huge smile on her face as she gave the customers the food she had prepared, She walked in to the kitchen acting as if she had not heard what had just happened. " Well don't you two look smashing" She said smiling a crazy sweet smile. Wendy hid her face in Jim's shirt blushing at her comment. Jim wrapped his arms around Wendy and gave her an evil glare. Holding the back of Wendy's neck he motioned for her to leave kitchen. Mrs. Hawkins gave a teasingly bow and scurried out through the double doors.

." I am so glad I have found you Jim"

He simply held on to her waist leaning down to whisper in her ear.

" Same here Wendy the same, but lets get back to work before my mom sees we are slacking"

He said in a joking tone releasing his hand away from her fragile body he smiled as he left the kitchen to grab the mop from the broom closet. Jim cleaned the dining area while Wendy washed windows. They both exchanged long glances at each other while cleaning Jim wiped his forehead and smiled over at Wendy

" You look very angelic over there beautiful."

Wendy giggled and turned her head away blushing as she kept wiping the windows. " There is to much cute in here to handle" Mrs. Hawkins shouted while dusting the stairs." Why don't you to finish up for the day and you can have rest of day off." Jim looked at his mother surprised but all that was seen was a reassuring smile on her face. Jim gave her a thanking nod and after they finished there chores he took her hand and led her outside for a long needed break from the inn.They walked around the Inn to the wooden bridge that was rarely visited placed neatly in the woods a small river flowing beneath it. Jim sat down on the bridge his feet hanging over the side while he held on to Wendy both of them looking off at the distance listening to the calm stream flow freely

."Wendy...I am so glad you showed up on my door step."

Jim held on to her with such a tight grip like she was going to disappear or something. " I think you are amazing Jim but I am not going anywhere or anything.

He noticed and quickly loosened his grip on her.

" I am is just I have never had anything this great before in my life and with experience when I have something good in my life it is always ripped away from me."

Wendy sighed and took his hand.

" I know the feeling but we have each other now and nothing will ever take that away from us love."

Jim nodded and hugged her burying his face in her shirt. Mrs. Hawkins watching from a distance smiled sweetly one of the customers left a paper on the table one of the head lines read. Our daughter is missing Wendy Darling she has brown hair blue eyes if you know anything of her whereabouts contact us, Sincerely the Darlings. Mrs. Hawkins crumbled the paper up and threw it away as she smiled over at Jim and Wendy through the window. " She will decide on what is best for her well being she knows what is best for her." Mrs. Hawkins continued on her way....


To be continued
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Wendy's Story Part 2
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