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 Fanfic Contest: Death [The first solitary murder]

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PostSubject: Fanfic Contest: Death [The first solitary murder]   Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:03 am

Hidden behind a pillar, Eric waited. The target owed soon arrived, it will be necessary to be ready. It was his first contract really alone, without Helga nor Miguel. As a shape of independence. Or a probation? He didn't need to show his ability. He had been the first to kill.
Rejecting the head behind, Eric blew little mis towards the sky. Even at 15 years, this memory still woke him crying. Only Helga knew it. He hadn't protect her. And she had died...
He shook the head. It was not the moment to think about that. He had to have his mind clear. The slightest error could be the last one. As far as this target was used to being armed. It will be necessary to be careful.
A whistling. Eric congealed. But it was only a train. He shook the head. To think in the past made him inattentive. It was not the moment, really. But...
Her red hair and her wide open eyes. Her fragile and completely naked body. He had vomited when he had discovered her. At first the contents of his stomach. Then air. Some saliva. And finally some blood.
He understood only much later what he had madeto her. Besides killing her, gets. But he had immediately known which had kill her. He had almost seen him running away from the body. Run half. The director of this cursed orphanage.
Eric shook again head. He had to stop thinking of all this. He had to stop crying for it. He had to learn to live with. He had to learn to live with this sense of guilt. He had to learn to live.
Steps. This time, Eric flattened himself in the pillar. The target exceded him without seeing him. The shade among the other shade had a smile. He took out the blade of his case. A blow under the throat. Fast and precise.
Going out of the shadow, he began running, his knife already in position. Blade towards the wrist.
The man turned around by hearing his steps. Eric had an instinctive backlash.
The man opened the mouth, as to ask something, but Eric threw himself forward. The blade cut the skin, near the throat, but the fist of the man already reached his stomach. He clenched teeth before falling on the ground.
Raising the head, he fixed the man in eyes, knee on the ground, the hand already ready to knock second time. Some blood flowed on the shirt of the man, which held his wound. He was massive, big and fat. Eric recovered, knocking at the level of coast but man blocked his arm. Then Eric was afraid. Without weapon and without mobility, he was in danger. The man gave a big blow in Eric's forehead. He never known if it was the hand or the head which had struck him. He left behind, but the man returned him to him, knocking again. Eric had an instinctive movement, he moved his hand. The blade, in sides, touched an organ, and the man had a scream. Eric took advantage of it to knock in his turn. The wound near the throat. The man released him, the hand on his throat, the other one on his sides. Eric passed behind the man and jumped on the back. He didn't really have time to react.
Eric cut his throat, cutting the skin of his thumb in the passage.
Jumping behind, Eric folded knees. The man emitted a sound guttural, wet and dirty. A choked shout. Eric recovered. At the same moment, the man fell behind. Stupidly, Eric hoped that he hadn't been hurt. He had just collapsed just like that, the wide open, but already veiled eyes. The body was crossed by jolts. Violent at the beginning, then it weakened before stopping.
Eric didn't leave the eyes of the man. He fixed him, without knowing it doubtless. Bending, Eric closed them when he was safe that the man had died. He searched his pockets in search of money, but found nothing. Eric had a sigh. We pay him a little, just enough to make him asks more.
Raising eyes towards the sky, he wiped the face. Suddenly, he was cold and his warm blood under fingers made him shiver. The first solitary murder. It made him even nothing. Killer.
What Penny thought of him?

In the early hours, the police learnt the death of a notorious pedophile who had kill and rape about ten girls. At the same moment, Eric received 30 dollars whereas Helga health his nose and whereas Miguel congratulated him. He pretended to smile. But at the bottom, he had neither pride nor enjoyment.
It was just a work.

[OOC: Poca you already win xD]
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Fanfic Contest: Death [The first solitary murder]
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