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 Fanfic Contest ~Death~

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PostSubject: Fanfic Contest ~Death~   Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:36 am

Helga stood by the corner of the building and looked up at the windows to the apartments while she fingered on the knife she had in her pocket, it was small, but effective. When it was just one lamp lit in the house, she started to walk to the head entrance. It was dark and the rain poured down. The street echoed empty, the only thing that disturbed the silence was an old lady who talked to herself on the other side of the road. When she had disappeared, Helga typed in the code to the door that let out a peep when it unlocked and she entered. She began to walk up the stairs to the top floor.

“This is it” she thought as she unlocked the door. Once inside, she shut the door behind her and looked around in the apartment. She understood immediately that those who lived here were quite rich, but most of her “victims” was that, so it wasn’t so interesting anymore. Expensive paintings, antique furnitures, the usual. She shrugged.
She opened the door to the master bedroom slowly and walked in. Some noise from the bed made her smile. This is too easy. But that was just good, at least on this mission.

One mistake and you disappear for good, because you know how we handle people who fails, don’t you, Calamity Jane?
it wasn't her usual “employer” who sat on the other side of the desk. It was Richi Candrino, or as everyone else called him – Fat Tony, just because he was fat, and a mafia boss.
"That was original". she rolled her eyes when she first heard it.
He was dangerous, but he paid well. Even if Helga didn’t talked about it, she wanted to leave this life, start over, so she saved money so she one day could disappear.

Helga picked up her knife from her pocket and went silent to the bed where the couple slept. She put the blade against the woman’s throat and cut it, quickly and quietly. Helga put her hand above the woman's mouth so that no sound would come out. The blood ran down on the white sheets and formed a lovely contrast.

-Mommy? Helga turned around quickly when she heard the young voice. A little girl in a pink nightgown and a teddy bear in her hand stood at the door.
-Who.. Who are you? The girl asked with a yawn. Helga was paralyzed, a kid?
- I’m a friend! She said quietly and put down the bloody knife in her pocket discreetly. -Go to bed again, sweetie!
Suddenly the man in the bed woke up and stood up quickly from the bed when he saw Helga and his dead wife.
-Carmen, run! He screamed at the girl and attacked Helga in pure anger. He pushed her up against the wall and started strangled her. The man flinched when he saw her grin and fell to the floor with the knife in his abdomen. She squatted down beside him and pulled out the knife just so she could cut his throat, she had to make sure he was dead.
With the blood on her hands she started to walk towards the hall with a firm step.

No mistakes, she murmured when she heard sounds from the kitchen.
- Sweetie, where are you? she said with a calm voice when she entered the room.
- Please, hurry. It’s someone in my house! she heard someone whisper. Helga’s face went cold when she saw the girl behind the kitchencounter with a telephone in her hand. The girl started to scream and dropped the phone while she tried to run away. Helga threw herself after her and grabbed her leg. The girl screamed even louder and Helga closed her eyes hard while she stabbed her several times in the belly. The screams stopped and the girl died with tears in her eyes.
- Hello? Is someone there? The police are on their way! It came from the telephone. Helga hung up and pulled out the knife of the lifeless body. She looked at her for a moment. an innocent child.
Helga sighed and walked out from the apartment. In the stairwell, she met a man and said hello as if nothing had happened. She shuddered when she came out in the rain and she disappeared into the darkness.
But one thing was clear, she could never forget the girl's tear-filled eyes.
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Fanfic Contest ~Death~
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