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 Fanfic Contest 1: ~DEATH~ : 5th Birthday

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PostSubject: Fanfic Contest 1: ~DEATH~ : 5th Birthday   Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:10 am

A little dark-haired girl sat on the ground of the floor and laughed. It was her Birthday today. All around her were laying presents. Some of them were already unpacked, some not. The people were singing her a Birthday song. Everything seemed to be wonderful and happy. The bright colours, the hilarious Birthday hats and the big cake on the table.

“Is everyone here? Let's eat the Birthday cake!”

Lilo stood up and sneaked out of the room, where everybody now was eating her Birthday cake. She walked through the rooms, searching for nothing but silence. Oh, she was happy that she had Birthday today and about all these interesting presents. The only thing she hated about Birthdays was those big parties, which so many people joined. It was always so loud on these parties. She liked it more, when she could read a book in silence. Lilo was really curious and she loved to learn new things.

She came to the kitchen and entered her without turning on the light. She didn’t knew why, because she normally put it on before she searched something. But this time it was different. Was it intuition? Lilo walked slowly around trying not to walk against some cabinets. A noise allows her to shrink back. It was like a fingernail scratches at something really hard. But it was lower. Some other indefinable noises in her back, made her turn around really fast. But she couldn’t see anything. Only dark. Dark shadows and dark light. There was a knife somewhere in the kitchen. She had to find it. Her fingers went through the black air searching for something to protect her. That she could scream and ask for help didn’t come in her mind.

Be careful! What would the noise be? You’re only a little child who could do nothing. We can help you. You never have to be afraid when we protect you. Please. Let us in your heart. Lilo… We care for you… Please… Come to us…

The little girl shivered. She wanted to scream and tell the voices to stop but she couldn’t. She was to afraid to make a sound. Her fingers grabbed something. She pressed it at her body and stayed calm. The noises were coming closer to her.

Lilo… Please…

Her hand twitched forwards and a stifled cry was heard. She opened her hand and let go of the thing in it. A muffled sound was the only thing she heard, before the lights in the kitchen were turned on and someone grabbed her. She was squeezed at a woman body.

“Lilo you’re okay? Did he hurt you?”, Lilo recognized Tzip’s voice. But she didn’t answer. Her eyes were cold and empty. She couldn’t feel anything. A lake of blood flowed all around in the kitchen. She lifted her head and saw in his eyes. He smiled gently at her. What did this smile mean? She couldn’t think. The little girl hided her face in the person she knew the best. The person, who was supposed to protect her. As she closed her eyes all she saw was red. Red, like blood. And she liked it.

Welcome to the darkness little one…

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PostSubject: Re: Fanfic Contest 1: ~DEATH~ : 5th Birthday   Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:26 am

Oh Lilo <3
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Fanfic Contest 1: ~DEATH~ : 5th Birthday
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