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 o.O? // Costumes for Halloween \\ O.o?

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PostSubject: o.O? // Costumes for Halloween \ O.o?   Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:14 am

Pocahontas turned, seeing another catalouge, "Oh thank god! New clothes!" She ran to the catalouge, looking through it. Her jaw dropped, "HALLOWEEN!? IT'S THAT TIME ALREADY!" Her eyes looked at the costumes, "A cow?" Her mouth formed a smirk, giggling right after that, "A playboy bunny..Catwoman..Blood Doctor..And a Vampire.." She looked down to her jacket, "Catwoman.." Pocahontas took out the little bag of coins John gave her. She took the pen, writing:

Halloween - Letter C, Only 1.

She kept her 5 coins in the enveloped as she put ten more in the envelope. She put the paper and envelope underneath the door. Pocahontas put the bag of coins in her jacket. She couldn't wait to get out of Thrax's jacket.
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PostSubject: Re: o.O? // Costumes for Halloween \\ O.o?   Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:57 am

Aurora heard Poca say "New clothes!" and turned around to see what she meant. She saw the catalouge and walked to her, while watching out for the spiders. She checked at the alternatives and wrote:

Halloween costume - Letter D, only 1

Bloody doctor was the best for her she thought and put the 20 coins in it and put it underneath the door, she too.
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o.O? // Costumes for Halloween \\ O.o?
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