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 Hard News Broadcast and Sushi?

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PostSubject: Hard News Broadcast and Sushi?   Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:44 am

Cody looked up at the television screen and watched in horror at what he was watching.

The TV lit up to show a reported with a microphone standing outside of a mansion, far enough away so that the camera could shoot the whole building. It was easily recognizeable for some of the prisoners. It was Cinderella and Sinbad's home.
"I am standing outside of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, where the residents were taken from their home roughly around half a year ago. Ongoing investigation of the disappearing has led to nothing, and investigators are now about to end the search. I am standing here with one of the victims parent. What do you have to say about this?" the reported asked and turned with the camera to show Cinderella's mother.
She was crying. It was obvious she tried to hold it back, but once in a while a new tear would run down her cheek, and her voice was shaking as she spoke.
"I won't stop looking for her until she's home," she said.
With that the TV turned itself off.

No! This can't not be. They can't just give up. Cody looked at the poor mother crying with a sad look on his face. He was thinking about his mother. Where was she anyways?

Cody looked over at the corner of the room and spotted a plate of sushi. He walked over to the plate and grabbed one sushi to taste it. He didn't care if they weren't cooked properly, he was just so hungry. It actually tasted really good.

Maybe the villain wanted them to guess what country the food came from. Although Cody already knew where the sushi is from. He looked up at the camera as he took another bite of his sushi.

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Hard News Broadcast and Sushi?
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