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 A gift basket full of goodies...

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PostSubject: A gift basket full of goodies...   Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:11 am

Pocahontas turned over, waking up as she hit her head against the wall. Her eyes went directly towards a gift basket that laid in front of the door. Her eyes widened as she walked towards it, seeing there was certain things as she opened it and laid all the stuff out on the floor. There was a lot of stuff:

- One large pillow.
- Sanitary bathroom supplies (razors, toothbrush, toothcream, makeup, shampoo, conditioner etc.)
- Two copies of the book "The Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown.
- An iPod containing 5 songs.
Songs: Keane - Somewhere Only We Know... The Fray - You Found me... Black Lab - Weightless... The Perishers - Let There Be Morning... Rise Against - Satellite.
- Two unframed pictures of a loved one from the outside..
- New pairs of underwear.
- Five black roses (with thorns).

Her eyes went to the picture of her father, picking it up slowly..She had almost forgotten how her father had looked. She put it against her heart, smiling as she seemed to hug it. Pocahontas missed her father greatly and this picture meant everything to her..The tears slowly fell, "Father.." She was grateful for this picture, and she was happy she got the country right..Her eyes then went to the five black roses, putting her picture in her bag of coins. She picked up one of the roses, looking at it closely. Her eyes then went to the bathroom supplies, smiling when she saw the makeup stuff..Though Pocahontas believed in true beauty plus: She never wore makeup in her entire life, and she wasn't going to start now. This made her put the rose down, picking up the items as she walked to the bathroom, putting the supplies somewhere neat..

Pocahontas then undressed herself, putting her bag of coins with the picture of her father in a safe corner. She took a quick shower, shampooing and conditioning her hair..She could feel her smooth texture of her hair coming back. Pocahontas then took one of the razors, shaving her legs. She put the razor underneath the water, cleaning it off. She got out of the shower, waiting for herself to dry before she put the bandage around her breasts and putting her costume back on right after she put the black pair of panties on. After she put on her accessories, she put her bag of coins back into one of the pockets of her costume. There she walked picked up everything she brought in the bathroom back out, she laid them by the bathroom door. Therefore Odette could see them..She left the unused razor by the door as well. Pocahontas then sat by one of the roses, taking off the thorns as she put it in her hair. She braided her hair around the rose, making sure it wouldn't be able to fall out. She let the ipod and pillow alone, therefore she could ask Odette if she wanted the Pillow or Ipod.

Her eyes looked up at the ceiling, remembering her village. The picture was bringing fast memories coming to her..The tears fell down her cheeks, wanting to get out of this place..
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A gift basket full of goodies...
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