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 {AU} The stranger in a cold and empty house

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PostSubject: {AU} The stranger in a cold and empty house   Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:02 am

She walked along the dark street. The light of the street lanterns didn't help much to see anything. It was her senses who guided her till she arrived in front of a big house. She smiled and touched the old door. This old and empty house was her secret hiding for so many years now. The girl shivered. She had a premonition that something was different. But what? She shrugged. It didn't really matter, she would enter the house anyway. She had to forget this day. They're making a party as big as they could just to celebrate her birthday. Without asking her! It was fun seeing everyone, but...

She sighed. What was so important becoming twenty? It was a birthday like every other one. Her hand stroke through her long black hair. She needed some time to think. The others could celebrate as long as they wish, but she won't appear. The young woman took a last deep breath and then opened the door. She entered the house and locked it from the inside. She walked through the house smiling. It was so familiar. Here were no lights but she knew everything by heart. So a small shine of a candle made her stop. She peeked in the room from the door and saw a man sitting on a broken chair.

"Do you want to stare or talk to me?", she startled. What? He had hear her? She thought and then hesitantly walked in the room towards the man. He was definitely older than her. As she stand in front of him, he looked in her eyes.

"Hi.", she answered shyly and sat down on the ground.

"Hello. Who are you?", he asked with warmth in his voice.

She wasn't sure if she should trust him or not, but the words came out of her mouth. "I'm Lilo. Nice to meet you.", she wrapped her arms around her body. It was a bit cold in here.

"Nice to meet you Lilo. Are you cold? Come here.", he reached out a hand.

She bit her lip. His soft and irresistible voice was hard to resist. Finally she took his hand and he pushed her towards him and put her on his lap.

"Better?", she sat stoutly on his lap, not knowing what to do and nodded. He smiled and put an arm around her to hold her close. She relaxed and laid her head on his shoulder. He was so warm...

"Why are you this dressed up?", he asked.

She pouted. "My twentieth Birthday is today and my mother made a big party. I don't like parties so I sneaked out after a few minutes."

He laughed softly. "This dress suits you anyway."

She blushed. Lilo felt like she was shining like a red tomato. "Uhm... thanks.", she stuttered.

He laughed again. Holding her close they sat quietly in the room. Just feeling their own warmth. Lilo looked at the man and felt weird. She never was this close to a man she didn't knew. Her glance fell on his lips. He hadn't speak for a long time. How late would it be? Did they already search for her? Surely not. They're surely still celebrating her Birthday without the Birthday child.

The dark-haired young woman took her head from the strangers shoulder and kissed him softly and briefly. Then she turned her head around quickly. What would he do? She felt his hand at her cheek, turning her head back to him. And now something happened she thought would never happen. He kissed her back! Passionately but soft. She couldn't resist and leaned forward for more. Leaned in this seductive kiss of a stranger. His hand ran through her hair and pressed her lips on his. She sighed. This was a good feeling.

He pushed her back softly and smiled at her. "You're a good kisser."

She blushed again. "You too.", her voice was low but she found her strength back and looked into his eyes.

"Well... Time for me to go. We surely meet again someday.", he caressed her cheek and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Then he turned around and left the room.

She sat on the chair and smiled like an idiot. Seemed like her Birthday didn't turn out as bad as she thought.

"What's your name?", she shouted after him, remembering that she forgot to ask him before. Lilo thought he didn't hear her anymore but then she heard his voice soft and low.

"My name is John."
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{AU} The stranger in a cold and empty house
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