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 {Secret Santa Profile ~ Dimitri}

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PostSubject: {Secret Santa Profile ~ Dimitri}   Mon Nov 07, 2011 4:22 am

Name: Dimitri
Type: Creep.
Limit: 2 videos [this may change depending on school/ sudden inspiration from the wishes]

1. ~ A Christmas-y 10 Doors Video [I don't mind if thats a video to a Christmas song or about some of the characters at Christmas time in the past before they were captured.. just something to do with Christmas *-*]
2. ~ A video about Dimitri and the key and blah from when he found it to now with the room of bodies Smile
3. ~ Some more 10 doors crack, about anything really ^^
4. ~ Dimitri x Anyone Video [thought it would depend on what movies you have] - Any Song
5. ~ 10 Doors Love Triangles vid [try to include as many characters as poss, so more than one love triangle thats happened in the RP] - Any Song
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{Secret Santa Profile ~ Dimitri}
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