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 Wendy's memory of Zane (The Story of how Wendy became so broken)

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PostSubject: Wendy's memory of Zane (The Story of how Wendy became so broken)   Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:43 pm

(This is why Wendy never had sex with Jim because she was fearful in the back of her mind)

Wendy sighed tears filling her eyes she looked down her arms crossed across her chest she lifted her head for a moment she drifted away in her mind seeing herself so broken inside so empty. Wendy had flash backs of her home and of Zane dancing with her in the ballroom

"You are beautiful Wendy dear... I am sorry we have to meet like this...but better meet then meet then not at all right Wendy?"

the man was charming his smile was sincere an angel he seemed so perfect as he grabbed her waist her heart fluttered inside her chest as he held her hand in his and spun her around the room like she weighed nothing at all she looked into his eyes as they danced across the floor he held her closer pressing up against her as he whispered inside her ear

"So lovely....I have a chance to make you mine completely"

Wendy backed away a moment ...did she know him ??

Zane leaned in closer his hands moving down lower as he snuck a feel or two while spinning her around Wendy's happiness turned darker and more afraid as she looked at him once again his smile...his laugh...his scent ...his eyes hit her a memory flooding her mind

Young Wendy woke up out of bed to her parents arguing about one of her brothers friends ...tall...blonde....much older then Wendy he was at the door . The boy crying his eyes out.
" my mother again...can I please stay over Mrs.Darling...please..."
The boy looked innocent enough. Wendy let the boy in and took off his coat she looked at his face seeing marks and bruises across his eyes she sighed and took his face in her hands as she called out for Michael

"Son! can you please make a bed for Zane for me please?"

Michael nodded

"yes mother..."

as the room was being prepared Wendy peeked through the light of her bed room door getting a glimpse of the boy. She stepped out not knowing he was nearby she bumped in to him in her nightgown and dropped her tea on the carpet she covered her mouth and picked it up the boy smirked and fixed Wendy's hair

"I am ...sorry"

The boy said Wendy ran to her room and shut the door behind her the boy lay in bed with Michael and they talked

"So your sister...seems nice Michael?"

Michael made a gross face

"Eww you don't like her do you!"

Zane looked away

"Well...she seems cute"

Michael gagged and looked away

"She is to preppy for you and she has never even had a bf"

Zane closed his eyes and rang his hands together

"She has never....ever??"

Michael nodded


Zane smirked he was 15 and Wendy was only 12 years old Michael was 10 years old

Michael rolled over

"Look...go to bed mom will hear us ok"

Zane nodded


Zane rolled over but did not sleep instead he thought of Wendy he closed his eyes and touched his body and imagined her beside him he thought of his family his cruel home his dad beating his mother he deserved love and if Wendy would not love him he would make her

the clock ticked and tocked as it got later 1 am....2am......3am

Zane woke up and opened the door slowly trying not to wake Michael up Zane eased around the door and looked inside Wendy's room he walked around while she was sleeping and opened one of her drawers taking a pair of panties out he held them to his heart and shoved them in his pocked he heard Wendy squirm while she slept he crept over to her and sat on the bed he smiled and rolled the covers off of her body slowly he starred at her and moved his hands along her body Wendy rolled over and did not notice what Zane was trying to do until he was on top of her kissing her neck and holding down her arms Wendy tried to get him off of her

"Zane....what OFF!!!"

Zane covered her mouth

"'s ok"

Wendy struggled going into a panic


Zane slapped her

"I said!! Shut up!!!"

He covered her mouth and ripped her nightgown over her head as he penetrated her he would not let her up as tears flowed down Wendy's face

"Dumb slut!! like my mother!! All women deserve this!! your nothing but scum Wendy! if you tell anyone bitch ill find you and I will kill you!!"

Wendy cried as she felt herself being torn of her innocence no one would ever one would ever know... she whispered to herself as Zane got off her she cried and took her white sheets and thrown them in the dumpster and made her bed with new ones getting rid of everything no one would know what happened Wendy curled in to a ball on her bed she was numb and empty she would forget this one day this never happened Wendy cried out ....she was worthless like Zane said....and she would always feel depression because of what he has done

Wendy snapped back to dancing with Zane once she realized who he was she punched him in the jaw and ran away from the ballroom her mother told her she was an idiot and she told her she did not like him to find someone else

"You stupid girl!!"

Wendy's mother slammed the door and left her to cry in her room

Wendy woke back up to the reality in her room

"Its not"

Wendy cried herself to sleep
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Wendy's memory of Zane (The Story of how Wendy became so broken)
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