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 Weird 10 Doors Dreams....

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PostSubject: Weird 10 Doors Dreams....   Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:19 am

Ok so like for the past few nights I have had recurring dreams that have to do with 10 Doors. Last night was eerie in the fact that it potentially could happen. So anyway for those of you who haven't read what's going on in room 6 where Shang and I are currently, we faked a fight. Anyway in my dream, it was the next room change and Charlotte who is going to be roomed with Shang wanted to kill him. The reason, Villain had broadcasted our fight and made it look like it had actually happened. Anyway for some weird reason Naveen was with Charlotte and they wanted to drown Shang in the toilet.....XDD and that was when I woke up.
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Weird 10 Doors Dreams....
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