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 The way it was...[ Phillip's Story]

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Snow White


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PostSubject: The way it was...[ Phillip's Story]   Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:30 am

Phillip stared around his new apartment and sighed, he would be a liar if he said he didn't miss Snow. He pulled off his jacket and sat down rather fast he still couldn't believe he had snapped at Snow White like he had. He could still see her look of shock and was a memory he would rather forget. He sighed, why did he have to be so rude to her? he wondered.
He studied the piece of paper that Snow White had stolen from his father, he had brought it with him. It was one of the things needed to bring down Sir Richard, Snow White's father. He had met someone who had said that she would be able to help, he just needed to give her the information.
He had an appointment to meet her and now he knew wanted to help Snow any way he could. He stood up and pulled his cloak on before heading out the door. The woman he was meeting, surely could help him after all she had said she knew a way of how to bring him down. This is for you Snow....

After meeting her, Phillip felt only slightly worried he hoped that he could at least help Snow White now. The woman had seemed espically pleased when he had told her that Snow White might be able to give her more information. She had told him that would she would go in disguise as a scientist, and then she would take the papers she needed.
He hoped that maybe after she took down Sir. Richard, he would be able to see Snow White again. He sniffed and looked down, he hoped that somehow she would be able to forgive him. He sighed and pinched his nose, "Ohh this was a lot easier when I was only looking out for myself." He muttered.
As the weeks passed, he finally found out what happened; Sir Richard had been killed and Snow White his daughter was now missing. He had been in shock when he had heard the news and had refused to leave his room for weeks. Deep down, he knew that he had been the cause of what happened he swore then and there that he would do whatever it took to find Snow White...
[Ooc and that's that, I was sitting on this idea for awhile and I have to admit that I'm kinda pleased with the end result. For anyone who's curious....Snow White doesn't want to be with Phillip anymore this is just his story ]
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The way it was...[ Phillip's Story]
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