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 Through the Wall [Dimitri / Jane / Lilo]

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PostSubject: Through the Wall [Dimitri / Jane / Lilo]   Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:55 am

[[Archive Note: I got this one because it was one of my favourites AND because it was the first Through the Wall roleplay. ='D Also I'd like to point out that at one point Dimitri says an OOC comment about taking a field trip "next month" and I thought it was funny that that field trip happened the other day. xD It's been a month? ='D I've archived it a different way, it's too tedious to copy every single post and make a new post for each one, so it's like a transcript now. ^^ ]]
Jane: Jane lay with her head back against the wall contemplating the throbbing gash on her right lobe. She probably needed stitches and vaguely wondered if there was a needle and thread anywhere in the room. Living in the wilderness taught one things, though she may be able to stitch up her own head... she didn't even have the basic tools to do it with.

As she closed her eyes she became aware of the low murmur of a man's voice on the other side. A child's voice too. Jane instantly brigthened up. There was hope after all, maybe they would be able to let her out!

"Hello! Hello!" She turned to the wall, "Can you hear me? Is anybody there?" She pressed both hands to the wall and surveyed it with excitement, maybe things were looking up.

Dimitri: Dimitri heard a slight noise from the far wall. He pressed his ear against the wall, distinctively hearing the sound of what seemed to be hands banging against a solid surface.
'Hello?' he called out.

Jane: A reply! Jane could barely contain her excitement. Perhaps she was finally getting out of here!! She didn't know where she was, but she had a feeling her son was further and further away by the moment.

"Yes hello!! Can you hear me?" She cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted against the wall.

A woman. The voice was muffled but Dimitri was certain.
He had thought there must be other people stuck in here after he had seen the little girl be killed.. but he hadn't a clue how many. 'Who are you?'

Jane: "Jane! My name is Jane!! Can you help me? I'm stuck in here... my head... it's injured." Her words came out in a rush, she was overcome with joy.

"How many are there? Are you the only one??" She pressed her ear against the wall, eager to hear another person's voice besides Isabella's. There were other people here perhaps once this man freed her they could find a way out, and find her Cody.

Dimitri: She sounded overjoyed to hear his voice. He sighed, wondering how much bad news he'd have to break to her.
'I'm Dimitri.. and in here with me is Lilo. She's just a kid.. But as long as the only door in this place is locked we won't be leaving anywhere.' He looked to Lilo who was by now listening also.
'What about you? Anyone else?'

Jane: Jane's heart sank. He wasn't going to let her out. She almost started crying. Almost. She had a feeling she was being watched and she didn't want to cry, didn't want to give the satisfaction to her tormentor.

"A child? Is she alright?" Jane paused, "There is one other person here with me, Isabella." She glanced back to Belle who was now intently listening. "Are you hurt?" She asked through the wall with concern and then, the big question.

"Are you certain you can't get out?" She held her breath, not wanting to hear the answer.

That was at least 4 people, no 7 if he counted the dead the girl and the two women arguing that he'd seen on tv.... 5 other people who were stuck here like him and Lilo.

'I'm sorry but we've been stuck in the room for weeks now. Theres no windows, just one door, and its shut tight. We are fine.. a bit of headache at first when we were drugged and taken but now its gone. Hows your head?'

Jane: Jane miserably leaned her forehead against the cool plaster of the wall and tangled her fingers in the black shag carpet.

"I just woke up... My head, it's hurt bad. It bleeds on and off... I need stitches but from what I can tell, there isn't a needle or even thread that I can use. It's not heavy bleeding, so I don't think I'll die of blood loss... But it might be infected..." She shut her mouth, if that man was suffering like her it was very likely that he was not interested in hearing her personal sob story. She couldn't just let all of her worries tumble out of her mouth.

She wasn't sure who he was, but she was certain that she had to be the strong one. Jane had to care for others before herself.

He said weeks? That explained her hunger... her thirst. Jane couldn't imagine that she had been sleeping that long, but if her head injury was truly as bad as she thought then it was altogether possible she had been in a temporary coma for a few weeks.

The idea that she had lost so much time made her moan silently with misery, those were two weeks her son was out there.... and here she thought she had been there for only a day or so.

Dimitri: He had dealt with his fair share of blood in the past... he remembered something about applying pressure to wounds in attempts to still the blood flow. Of course a head injury was very different to the wounds he had cleared up.

'Well I'm no doctor.. there might be something in your room, or you could just pour some water over it? But I highly doubt whoevers done this is going to provide you with stitches.'

He wanted to take her mind off the situation. It had taken him a while to fully take it all in, and he was sure she was crying. 'Whats the last thing you remember.. and where are you now? The more you know the more I can help.'

Lilo: Lilo looked at Dimitri. He talked with the wall. Did he lost his mind? Then she heard the little noise of a voice. It was like a whisper. But... She can't understand it.

"Who is that Dimitri? Is that he?"

Dimitri: 'I'm not sure.. she says her name is Jane. And she seems stuck like us. If you come over here', he gestured to the wall he was pressed up against, 'you might be able to hear her. Its quite faint and you have to speak loudly.'
Dimitri moved away from the wall to make way for Lilo.

Jane: "The last thing I remember?" Jane sniffed.

"I was in the jungle... I had just stumbled upon a poaching operation, my son was there too... I tried to free a gorilla from a cage... and then. They attacked me. One man hit me over the head with the barrell of a gun, and the last thing I saw was them taking my son away." She squeezed her eyes shut trying to forget.

"Where I am now... Well it's a room... probably not dissimilar to yours? It has a black shag carpet, taxidermy animals.... and two beds." She sighed looking around. "There's a phone too... But it's broken... and of course..." She shivered, "The television, which, unfortunately is not broken."

"What about you?" She leaned against the wall, grateful for the outside contact.

She heard the faint sound of another voice and some shuffling around. What had he said her name was? The little girl with him? Lilo.

Lilo: Lilo walked to Dimitri and pressed hear ear at the wall. Nothing.

"HELLO?", she yelled.

Jane: "Oh hello there! You must be Lilo." Jane smiled at the voice of the child, it was calming to say the least.

"How are you dear?"

Lilo: Lilo's eyes become bigger. She heard another person! And it was a woman. She liked the sound of her voice. It was warm and soft. Although Lilo barely could hear her.

"I'm fine!", Lilo giggled. "I have so much fun here with Dimitri."

Jane: Fun?

Jane chuckled quietly. So Lilo was an optimist? Dimitri seemed to have his hands full, and though Jane didn't know the full story she was glad that he had it in his heart to look after the girl.

"Fun Lilo? Is Dimitri being nice to you?" Jane was smiling, and wondered if the emotion was conveyed through her voice.

Hearing the voice of a child was calming to Jane, it helped her forget for a moment about her own son... It was nice, sure they were locked in a twisted person's game... but at the base form they were all fellow humans and she was sure the group could band together to be free.

Lilo: Lilo looked at Dimitri and smiled, then she looked at the wall again and opened her mouth to speak.

"Dimi was a jerk at first.", she told Jane. "But then he helped me painting more beautiful pictures at the walls. And now our room is full of pictures of crayons. And he is now my brother!"

Lilo's eyes began to shine and she felt easy. "He told me a fairytale and we talked about my past the last hours..."

Lilo stopped and shut her mouth. She talked to much! Her big bro was the only one who should know that...
What should she do know?

"Uhm... Jane? Can you describe me how you look like?", changing the theme was the best idea she could think of.

Jane: Jane's eyes clouded with tears.

Dimitri sure seemed nice... Fairytales? Drawings? It was nice to know that people could be kind to each other in times of need and trouble.

"What do I look like?" She laughed, "Well let's see...." She tapped her chin, "I have light brown hair, blue eyes... People say I'm tall but I don't think so... Currently my hair... it's tied back, but usually I leave it down and..." She glanced down at what she was wearing. "I'm wearing a yellow dress."

"What about you Lilo? What do you look like?" Jane smiled.

Lilo smiled.

"I look like a monster!", she laughed. "No I have long black hair and really dark eyes... And I'm really small. But I'm only six years-old. And I wear a red and white dress."

She giggled. "We are both wearing a dress!"

He heard Lilo call him a jerk.. 'Hey!' he said, jokingly. Lilo and Jane seemed to be getting on well.. Jane was a mother and probably much better with kids than he was. And Lilo needed a mother figure at the moment, so he left them to talk by the wall.

Jane: Yes! We're dress twins." Jane smiled, wanting to take the child into her arms and hug her... Lilo seemed to think that this was a game of sorts... she was having "fun" with Dimitri. Bless his soul that he was making things easy for her.

She wondered vaguely for a moment where Dimitri went and then went back to Lilo. "I'm an artist if you like pictures. Once we get out of here, I can draw you something pretty how does that sound Lilo?" Jane tucked a piece of her brown hair behind her hair.

She would get out of here. Isabella, Dimitri, and Lilo too. They would all get out. It was too late for that little blonde girl on the television, but at that moment Jane promised that she would never let it happen to Lilo. Ever.

Lilo: "You're an artist?", Lilo was surprised. "Can you teach me, when we are out of here? Although I don't think..."

Lilo hesitated. She knew what could happen. She saw it. Too often. She hold her head.

"Please go away!", she whispered, as her memories came back.

Jane: "Of course I can teach you dear." Jane smiled at the wall. And then. Silence.

In a whisper nearly too faint to hear Lilo asked Jane to leave. She understood, this place messed with people.

"When you're ready to talk again I'll be here waiting." Jane whispered back, comfortingly, she wished more than ever she could hold the little girl now.

Jane sat back, tears finally sprung to her eyes she hid her face in her arm and let her body convulse with sadness, in silence. She wondered where Dimitri's voice had gone. He had to still be in the room.

Lilo: Lilo was shocked.


She shouldn't go away!

"Come back please! Don't leave me alone!"

Like her best friend did, like her sister always did. Like her parents and like him.
She felt so lonely.

"Please talk with me Jane!", Tears run down Lilo's face. She sobbed.

Jane: Jane sniffed and looked up.

"D-don't worry Lilo. I won't leave you. I promise. Even if the Villian takes me away... I promise I will find a way to get to you." She pushed her head against the wall. "Don't give up hope little one... Don't ever give up hope." She managed a grin through the tears.

"I'm going to sit right here... I won't leave you." She heard faint sniffles from the other side of the wall.

"How about I tell you a story okay?" She pressed her cheek against the unforgiving wall.

Lilo: Lilo sniffed and blinked her tears away.

"A story? What for a story?"

Jane: "Just... just a special story... about a boy about your age." Jane's voice sounded distant and dreamy for a moment.

"Would you like to hear it Lilo? Maybe it will help with your sniffling." Jane tried to convey winking through her voice. It probably didn't work out... She had tried to convey hugging too, but she wasn't quite sure Lilo got that.

Dimitri: Dimitri had been sitting in the corner on his own, leaving Lilo and Jane alone for privacy. However when Lilo started crying he came over. 'Hey are you ok?'
He walked over to hear Jane telling Lilo a story. He smiled. He sat by Lilo and held her in an attempts to stop her crying whilst Jane told a story.

Lilo: "Is it a real story? I don't like stories who were invented just to please me.", Lilo felt save just by hearing the caring voice of this woman she never sees. She wanted to be in her arms. She wanted someone who cares just for her. Like her best friend did.

Lilo cuddles herself in Dimitri's arms. His smell comfort her. And she closed her eyes.

Dimitri: 'We're listening' Dimitri said through the wall, in case Jane wondered where he had gone. By now Lilo's crying had calmed.

Jane: "It's a real story Lilo... Most of it anyway." Jane smiled, and began to craft a story of her memories and dreams.

"Once upon a time... there was a boy. He had a special gift. You see, when his mother carried him she saved the life of an antelope in the middle of the African plains..." Jane paused, trying to come up with more details to the story she was making up off the top of her head from storybooks and her own memories. The only thing that could come to mind was animals... So she went with the theme.

"The antelope had been badly injured you see, by a hunter... and..." She paused again. "The lady nursed the animal back to health."

"Do you know what the animal turned out to be Lilo?" Jane paused and smiled, "The antelope ended up being a medicine man... He had been trapped in antelope form and the kindness from the lady helped reverse the spell."

..... [[I'm just going to type the story out, so it's like Jane telling it but the story is playing out... idk you'll understand. xD]]

"The boy you carry. He'll be strong someday." The medicine man was tall, and handsome tribal tattoos covered his body and his dark skin glistened in the African evening.

"I... I wasn't sure if it was a boy." The woman blushed and glanced up at the man.

"Thank you for rescuing me. You have greatness in your heart... I bestow upon you a gift... The child, you won't know what the Gift is until he is older. Will you recieve my Gift?" The woman was hesitant, but after a moments pause consented.

The man bent down and tenderly kissed the woman on the lips, when they parted he turned. "Remember me in your time of need." He mumured, and in the blink of an eye he disappeared into thin air.


Jane paused, she felt as though she would cry, the story... Where had it come from? She continued.
"Six years later the baby boy became stronger, a healthy young lad... He had long golden hair and spent every day with his mother running through the forest studying the animals that lived there.

One day the two found themselves in the oppresive heat of the jungle and without warning they fell into a deep hole. His mother knew they would die trapped there, and then she remembered the Medicine Man from six years ago. She wondered if this counted as a time of need. There was no way out, they were trapped in the dark hole.

Then something curious happened, her boy began to make strange sounds. Suddenly an elephant was standing over the hole. She could not believe it! Her son could speak to animals.

The elephant lifted the boy and his mother out of the hole with his strong trunk and they were saved.

The mother knew then the Gift that her son possessed, and she knew that as long as the magic remained... they would always have hope, and rescue in a time of need." Jane finished her story, unsure of where it came from... but considering it to be an allegory of her situation. She hoped that Lilo would understand the story... Maybe it would comfort her, an elephant might not come to rescue the girl, but certainly some strong person would do it eventually and they could all live happily ever after.

[[ooc guys i don't understand this... i... i'm starting to cry. this is so freaking sad. T_T poor lilo what a sick twisted person the villian is... poor little girl. D'= ALSO i hope you don't mind me bringing a little magic to the story... i can't get away from it, so it would seem xD ]]

Lilo listen carefully. She loved magic. The boy could talk with animals? Oh, if she could do it, she wouldn't be alone.
A mother and a boy...

A trap. Like this room. It was a trap with no escape too. But did she really want to leave? Lilo doesn't know.

"Are you the mother in this story?", she asked back as she remembered being silent for a long time. She huggled Dimitri and smiled at him.

Jane thought for a moment. Lilo was very intuitive.

Her son could speak to animals... couldn't he. That's how the two of them were able to befriend all of the animals in the forest. She remembered him then... the medicine man.

She remembered his smooth skin, his dark chocolate eyes.... and when they made love under the big baobab tree. Legend said that the baobab tree was envious of all of the other beautiul trees, and the Gods, sick of its complaining turned it upside down so its mighty roots stuck out of the Earth.

The memories rushed back, how could she have forgotten the night under the envious tree?

She didn't know how she had forgotten after so few years, but she had. She sighed, floored by the revelation.

"Yes Lilo. She is me.... and the boy is my son. Not much older than you. When we get out of here, you can meet him.. I'm sure he'd love to be your friend." Jane pressed her face to the wall.

"Don't leave me either Lilo... and Dimitri, promise?"

Dimitri: Dimitri could just imagine Jane's face on one of the tv screens, or Lilos, or his.
No one was safe, and he doubted they would ever get out. But he didn't say that, of course not. Not when there were two very vulnerable people still here whose faith in the world was still very much alive.

'We won't leave. I promise.'
His words brought back the memories. He had said this before to her and look how that had turned out...

Lilo was now much calmer, lying in his arms.

Lilo: "I won't leave you, I promise!", Lilo put her hand at the door. It was childish. But she felt like she was near Jane now.

Jane: Jane sighed. If she closed her eyes she was able to imagine she was sitting right next to her new found friends.

She wasn't sure Dimitri believed in rescue... they wouldn't get rescued... But the hope, the desire of that fact- Jane believed it so she was grateful to him for at least pretending. She was sick of people leaving her. She had a drive... a drive to leave this place - alive with as many people as possible.

She had a flame burning in her heart and now it was growing stronger.

"Thank you," She whispered, desiring to feel warmth but only feeling cold. She wanted to beat her fists against the door, break through... But she knew that was impossible- and she needed to live. She knew that he was watching.

Dimitri: 'And you too. Lilo's needed someone like you- I'm no parent however much I try. Just tap on the walls anytime and we should be here.'
He hoped for Jane that her son was ok. Everyone in here came from complete different worlds; he wondered why they were all in here together. Whoever was responsible, he wondered what intentions they could possibly have to bring everyone- who seemed to have nothing in common- to these rooms.. and to do what? So far all he had done was stare at 4 walls. Was this his punishment? Because he had already been self-prescribing that.. he didn't need some sadistic psychopath to provide this. And what possible reasoning could justify bringing a mother and child to this place? People who he was sure had done nothing wrong.
Dimitri grew angry... his fists clenched. He was fed up of being alone with only his thoughts.. of going over everything again and again. He thought of her, though he know he shouldn't, and turned in for the night.

Jane: "Thank you... though I've grown into being a mother." She laughed quietly... Her "mistakes" had put her into that situation... but as it turned out she made a pretty decent mother.

"Same for you... just tap and I'll be there." She put her head against the wall, and heard some shuffling. It sounded like Dimitri was going to bed.

"Good night." She whispered, knowing he probably couldn't hear her... but she said it anyway.

What was day... what was night? Jane didn't know anymore, there was no clock here... no windows. She slept when she felt tired, and... she didn't quite feel tired yet.

Lilo: Lilo yawned. There happened so much this day. She really get tired. She was so comforted in Dimitri's arms that her eyes closed fast. It was so warm.

"I love you two.", she mumbled and then breath slow.

Dimitri: Dimitri smiled at the thought that in here of all places he would be playing happy familes.
'Goodnight Jane' he said, before moving Lilo onto the only mattress. He then turned to the floor, where he was now used to sleeping on, and attempted to fall asleep.

Jane: Jane yawned suddenly struck with a tired ache all over her body. Her wound throbbed and she crawled into the smaller of two beds in the room.

She eased herself into the covers, and flipped the pillow over. The side that she turned down was covered with dried blood from her head wound.

She shivered. It was cold here and she stared up at the ceiling thinking about Dimitri and Lilo.

She wanted to see what they looked like... Suddenly she was stricken with such a longing to sketch and she had half a mind to rummage through the various drawers in the room to see if she could find a pad or a pencil.

She instead remained in her bed... No... Not her bed... It was the bed... Her bed was still back at home....

She longed to talk to Dimitri some more, she could fall in love with that voice she decided... What did she have to lose? Perhaps she could invent a romance with the faceless voice, it would comfort her some to think about having a man there to hold her.

She frowned... She was being silly... stupid even... She blinked a few times, and decided her head didn't want her to turn to her side... so she remained staring at the ceiling.

Wendy: Wendy heard voices not sure if everyone was asleep she heard a few names Dimitri, Lilo, and Jane...she tried to speak wondering if they could hear her

"Hello!!! Hello is anyone there!!"

Jane: Jane slept... barely. Her sleep was filled with nightmares...

She had dreamed she was running down a long tunnel and distantly she could hear Lilo's voice, but every time she became closer Lilo's voice became more distant and then... the screams.

Jane woke with a start.... How long had she been sleeping?

No matter, she shoved the covers off and ran her fingers through her hair. Then she quietly made her way to the wall and tapped a few times. "Lilo?" She asked.

Dimitri: [OOC; @Wendy- Was getting confused who we can hear.. checked and room 1 can hear only rooms 2 and 4 so Dimitri can't hear Wendy xD But maybe Jane can?]

Dimitri woke. Lilo was still asleep but he could hear tapping from the wall where he and Lilo had spoke with Jane the night before... well at least he assumed it was night. He couldn't really tell anymore what time it was.
'Lilo's still asleep. You ok?'

Jane: [[OOC Wendy is in room 5?? Jane can only hear rooms 1 and 6, and rooms 2 and 7 faintly. T_T]]

"Good..." She breathed a sigh of relief.

"It was just a dream then..."

She rested her head against the wall, "This place does things to one's mind Dimitri... We need to get out of here."

Dimitri: 'Tell me about it.'
He sighed, hoping Lilo would wake up. Being stuck in this place was always made considerably better with Lilo's optimism to keep him distracted.
'Its best to not think about it too much, or we'll all end up insane.'

Jane: "He killed Lilo. I couldn't get to her in time." She sniffed.

"It was horrible... make me forget it." She whispered, she couldn't bear to lose the little girl even if she had never seen her.

Dimitri: 'It was just a nightmare.. shes safe and well.'
Well not excatly safe he thought, but Dimitri was trying.

'Why don't you tell me about your son? To get your mind off things'

Jane: "He... He's six years old, the sweetest boy you'd ever meet. He has golden blonde hair and... a wild heart. He doesn't know life outside of our jungle home..." She paused.

"His fater left before he was born.... I can't say that man was one of the best desicions of my life, but Cody was the best thing to ever happen to me."

Jane smiled.

"What about you? Do you have any family that you need to get back to?"

Dimitri: 'Not really.. I doubt theres anyone missing me. Meeting Lilo was a shock, I tell you. I'm not excatly used to kids. But I'm doing my best- its not fair for someone of her age to be stuck in here.'

Jane: Jane smiled.

"You seem to get along with her just fine... from what I can tell she adores you."

"If it makes you feel any better.... I'd miss you....." She glanced up at the wall- so unforgiving!

"It's not fair for anyone to be stuck here I should think..." She paused, "But especially Lilo. I can't imagine why anyone is here, I wondered... Was there something I did? Was this place punishment? I racked my brain, but then Lilo is here! What could a child possibly do that would warrant such punishment?"

She sniffed, "I wish I could see you... See you both."

Dimitri: 'I'm sure you and Lilo have done nothing wrong..'

Dimitri grew angry. What kind of bastard would do this? Lilo still wasn't awake so he didn't have to keep pretending.
His fists clenched.. no breathe slow. Thats probably just what whoevers behind this wants you to do.

'Who knows what will happen? Maybe we will.. I don't want to really think about being stuck in this room for ever.'

Wendy: ( im in room 5 ok dimitri cool)

is someone there!!

she pressed her ear up to the wall crying

Jane: [[I'm sorry Wendy I can't hear you!!! T_T]]

Jane stepped back as she heard him pound his fists into the wall.

"Don't think that way!!" She cried then fell silent.

In a voice barely above a whisper, "We can come up with a plan...." She was certain there were microphones in the room, but the camera was over in the adjacent corner so she made like she was yawning and covered her mouth with long dainty fingers as she whispered this to Dimitri.

"Thank you for being strong Dimitri... For Lilo's sake... I can't... I can't imagine what would happen if she.. if she lost hope." Jane frowned, "Besides you're like her playmate, she's content here if that's even possible." She chortled.

Dimitri: 'I know.. I woke up and the first thing she was concerned abuut was her crayons. She's met the man responsible Jane, at least I'm sure its him. I was out cold but someone gave her crayons. And who else could do that in a place like this. But the more I tried to get information out of her the more upset she got with me.. hence why we didn't get along so well at first.'

Dimitri smiled at the memories.

'I'm sorry.. I'm a bit of a pessimist. I guess Lilo's good for me then. But we can at least hope.'

Lilo: (OOC: Sorry... I had a day free yesterday, but for some reason no Internet... (T.T))

Lilo woke up and yawned. She heard Dimitri talking with the wall.
The wall?
Yesterday... There happened something important yesterday.
She talked with a woman behind the wall!

Lilo stood up and walked to Dimitri.
"Good morning! What are you talking about?"

Dimitri: [OOC- Don't worry. In the next month I have a school trip so i'll be off for 2 days without internet]

'Oh Jane was just worried about you...' Dimitri said.

'So get a good nights sleep?'

Lilo: "Uh, uhm... I don't know..."

"Jane? Are you there?"

Jane: "Yes hello Lilo dear!" Jane brightened up, she had been waiting to hear from the girl.

"How are you Lilo? Has Dimitri been good to you?" Jane grinned.

Lilo: "oh, yeah I'm fine... Just got a crazy dream... Can dreams come true?"

Lilo wlaked to Dimitri and sits down on his lap, staring at the wall.

Dimitri: 'I think we are all getting crazy dreams at the moment.. But they can't hurt you as long as they stay in your head.. Isn't that right Jane?'

[[Unfortunately the rest of it was lost, but only about a page. T_T ]]
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Wall [Dimitri / Jane / Lilo]   Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:27 am

A month already ?! I doesn't feel like that :')

I'm glad you've posted this...! Its one of my favourites and the first time Jane and Dimitri talked so probably will come in handy later when i'm trying to remember what i've said/ wrote xD
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Wall [Dimitri / Jane / Lilo]   Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:09 am

I love this too! I'm so happy you could save it. Aww... Want to talk to them again... T.T
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Hopefully you'll get to be in a room with Jane.. seeing as those two haven't met face to face yet whilst Jane and Dimitri have.. Smile
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Through the Wall [Dimitri / Jane / Lilo]
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