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 I am creating my own t-shirt company sooo... :-)

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PostSubject: I am creating my own t-shirt company sooo... :-)   Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:21 pm

If anyone watches the show Supernatural my first T-shirt design I have made is Supernatural related!! I also love my 10 doors fam!! Soo... If you guys would like to buy a 10 doors t-shirt from me :-D feel free to ask me!! they will be unique and we be stylin!!

here is Supernatural!!

The Front

and the back!!

but really guys if yall wan't a 10 doors T!! Let me know!! How epic would you look with a Tshirt of John Smith and Meg and Cindy from back when! or... Ooooo Poca,Jasmine,Thrax! Oh Snap! lol
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I am creating my own t-shirt company sooo... :-)
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