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 Unknown Number

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PostSubject: Unknown Number   Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:01 am

October 21st; 2010

Charlotte was lying awake in her king sized bed of silk and feathers.
Her arms were stretched out across the sheets, and she was staring hopelessly up at the ceiling that seemed so impossibly high up. Where was he? She hadn't seen him or even heard from him in over a week.
This wasn't unusual, but it still kept her up at night.

Everyone else in the whole house was sleeping, even the servants and the staff.
She was holding her brand new cellphone in her left hand. She had been guarding it like a dog for the past few days, not even putting it down, in case Dimitri was to call.

She looked over to her nightstand, where the overly decorated clock now stated that it was 03:03am.
She sighed and looked out the window into the dark night. The only thing she could possibly see was the bright stars and the shadows of the trees moving to the icecold October wind. The whole house was quiet. Not even the animals outside made a noise. It was dead quiet...

... and then the phone rang.

She jumped up in the bed and looked at the caller number. It was just out of habit, and as she expected it was an unknown number. Dimitri had a long lost history of loosing the cellphones she so genorously gave to him every time he lost his old one. He would always either borrow some stranger's phone, or call from a payphone at a street or in a bar.
She picked it up before the first ring was over and eagerly said: "Dimitri? Where are you?"

He hesitated as always, but gave her the name of the street she could find him.
She felt so horribly sorry for him. He was outside on this freezing night, and by the sound of it he wasn't in a good shape either. He would always call her sounding like he had just gone through the worst night of his life, but she would never ask him what had happened. She just wanted to be there for him. Help him.

"I'll be right there," she said and grabbed her thin, white jacket before running out the door. Her father had always pointed out how important it was to look good for a woman in her position, and as a result a warm, cosy winter jacket was out of the question. You were supposed to be good-looking, not warm!

She dreaded opening the door, but there was no way she would leave Dimitri alone in a night like this. She knew the name of the street, it was only a few blocks away from her house. She could easily pick him up without having to wake the rest of the house.

She sighed heavily, readying herself for the cold wind, before opening the door and running outside.
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Unknown Number
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